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Above the Noise: How an IT company leveraged a multichannel campaign to 'wake the dead'

Christine Nurnberger, SunGard Availability Services

At MarketingSherpa' Email Summit 2014, Christine Nurnberger, Vice President, Marketing, SunGard Availability Services, revealed how smart content marketing — built on intense research, analyses and creativity — dramatically improved alignment between Marketing and Sales at SunGard.

When she joined the organization in 2011, Marketing's contribution to the sales pipeline was less than 3%, even though they executed more than 1,100 tactics over the previous fiscal year. By the end of 2013, that relationship had shifted dramatically. Marketing's contribution to new revenue skyrocketed to 40%, and the average deal size tripled.

The shift began with analyses over 18 months, where Marketing painstakingly researched their marketplace's motivations and buying cycles. It culminated by combining this knowledge with a pop culture inspiration that soon had CTOs ready and eager to engage SunGard in preparation for the zombie apocalypse.

Watch SunGard's full presentation to find out how the right message presented at the right time to the right audience produced remarkable results.

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