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B2B Marketing: How a tech company redefined its marketing strategy by tapping into customers' passion for retro and generated 650% ROI

Aaron Dun, Chief Marketing Officer, Intronis and Richard Delahaye, Senior Director of Marketing, Intronis

Think direct marketing is old news? Think again.

In this short session, Aaron Dun, CMO, Intronis and Richard Delahaye, Senior Director of Marketing, Intronis, a data protection company, reveals how they achieved a 700% return on investment from a direct mail marketing campaign where they sent out Atari gaming units to customers.

The question that drove this campaign was one that we all face: how can we break through all of the clutter and effectively attract our customer’s attention?

In this short session, Dun and Delahaye will discuss how they challenged the team to create a disruptive and non-traditional marketing campaign that differentiated Intronis from a crowded marketplace. They will walk through the essential insights the team gained from this "retro-cool" direct mail marketing campaign that ultimately delivered over 650% ROI.

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