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Email Copywriting: How one company generated a 400% increase in CTR

Donna Krizik, Crestwood Associates, and Justin Bridegan, MECLABS

In this Email Summit 2013 video replay, see Donna Krizik, Director, Client Communications, Crestwood Associates, and Justin Bridegan, Senior Marketing Manager, MECLABS, discuss the importance of marketing as a conversation and meeting the needs of the customer, not pushing the sale.

Krizik explained once the marketing team at this Microsoft Dynamics CRM value-added reseller understood what customers needed and valued, it was "super easy" to reach out to them and start that conversation.

Email copy should "grab [a customer's] interest and convert it to action," Krizik said. It's only the beginning of the conversation.

In this session, you'll learn how to create email copy that encompasses three aspects that are central to achieving a high clickthrough rate:

  • Understanding who your customer is

  • Communicating why you are emailing them

  • Wrapping up what it is you want them to do

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