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How SAP Mapped Buyer Journeys for 19 Industries to Build More than $23 Million of Marketing-generated Pipeline

Ginger Shimp, Marketing Director, SAP America

“I run a digital chop shop at SAP,” said Ginger Shimp, Marketing Director, SAP North America. Shimp’s “chop shop” includes email, landing pages, whitepapers and more.

With 19 industries to cover, SAP created an extensive content marketing campaign that delved into relevant topics across those industries and also explored how personas within them would want to consume the content.

At MarketingSherpa Summit 2017, Shimp shared how the marketing team at SAP executed this expansive campaign and drove a 4.5% increase in email opens, over 9 million impressions and more than $23 million of marketing-generated pipeline. Shimp and her team were the Readers’ Choice winners in the 2017 MarketingSherpa Awards for this effort.

Specifically, she explained how the team balanced the need for unique, industry-specific content to fill an extensive campaign reaching out to 19 disparate industries while maintaining a consistent look, feel and voice. She also shared their process for developing a deeper understanding of how individuals experience content and absorb messages. “The challenge of content is you must be an expert — to people who are experts,” Shimp said.

After watching the video replay of Shimp’s presentation, you will learn how the team:

  • Identified the required work streams, from creating emails to social media
  • Told their story in different ways for different types of learners
  • Leveraged and extracted value from high-demand subject matter experts
  • Chose what content to give away for free, what to gate and when (and why)
  • Set the campaign flow of emails, gated offers and ungated offers based on customer “nos” and “yeses”

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