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Email Measurement: How a former Email Summit attendee achieved a 270% increase in conversion

Rachel Hoppe, AvidXchange

At Email Summit 2013, Rachel Hoppe, Marketing Manager, AvidXchange, presented how she took the key takeaways from Email Summit 2012 back to her team, implemented changes and saw impressive results.

In her session, "Email Measurement: How a former Email Summit attendee achieved a 270% increase in conversion," she walked the audience at Summit through her seven steps of success that led to impressive results, including a 105% increase in sales-qualified lead volume, 68% of new revenue sourced through Marketing and a better relationship between Marketing and Sales.

After attending Email Summit, Hoppe explained, "We run A/B tests on everything … every single page you visit on our site is multivariate paging. So, you might see something today that’s completely different tomorrow … it’s because of the fact that we want to be able to A/B test everything that we’re doing, and get real-time analytics."

In this video replay, you will learn the entire process Hoppe implemented with knowledge gained from Summit, including these four tips to stay focused and win as a team:

  1. Marketing needs to provide Sales with a non-threatening way to give Marketing feedback — the good, bad and ugly

  2. Always ask why when it comes to testing

  3. Take time to stop and analyze the data throughout the month, quarter and year

  4. When you become overwhelmed, stop, breathe and take in what you've accomplished and dive back in for round two, three, four or even 25

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