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Segmentation and Personalization: How Eventful transformed its email program and increased purchases by 66%

Paul Ramirez and Ryan Blomberg, Eventful

At MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014, Eventful was awarded the Ecommerce Best in Show in Email Awards 2014, presented by ExactTarget. Paul Ramirez and Ryan Blomberg, both of Eventful, took to the stage revealing to the Summit audience their transformation to personalized email marketing with a data-driven campaign.

Eventful, an online retailer for concerts and local event tickets, faced a challenge with relevance in its email sends. When communicating with 21 million subscribers, personalization is key, and Eventful revolutionized its email efforts under the pressure of a Google algorithm change that was causing a significant and negative impact to online and mobile traffic.

The team refined the technology with their Recommended Performer Alerts, allowing subscribers to receive more personalized email notification about events relevant to them according to their musical interests the subscribers had previously indicated on the website.

Subscribers also received emails when their favorite artists were coming to their city, giving them the opportunity to purchase tickets.

Another aspect of the campaign was Non-performer Alerts, which highlighted even more events that subscribers would be interested in geographically near them.

"In this case, it was a no-brainer. It was amazing that we just had this information sitting there, and were doing nothing with it. And now, we have all of these users that are engaging with this and they're going on to buy tickets as a result of us letting them know," Blomberg explained.

"In essence, I'd like to think I'm enabling them to be that be that person that knows everything that’s going on their neighborhood."

See how Eventful made this personalization transformation happen and the impressive results of this campaign, including a 12% increase in site traffic without spending a dime in advertising.

Download the slides to this presentation

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