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Anticipate: How to create an interactive, two-way conversation in email marketing

Sundeep Kapur, Educator, Email Yogi

The consumers you serve have their mobile device with them at all times. To best serve them, you need to anticipate what information they want through their mobile email.

In this quick-takeaway session, Sundeep Kapur, Digital Strategist of Omni-Channel Execution and the writer behind Email Yogi, will briefly discuss three aspects you need to leverage to anticipate customer needs and how you can leverage preferences, presence (where customers are) and personalization.

For example, Kapur discusses the importance of messaging and send time with regards to customer relevance and how it’s vital that marketers get the right message to a customer when they need it.

He goes through specific stories of customer-first email marketing from Blockbuster and HDFC Bank, among others, to show the three steps you need to reach customer relevance.  

Most importantly, Kapur dives into the importance of building consumer trust by walking through email marketing from the customer’s perspective.

“Anticipate your consumer’s next transaction. You’ve got to do that,” he concluded.

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