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Email Templates: How the No. 1 maker of mobile accessories tweaked promo emails to produce a 152% increase in revenue per email

Jessica Andreasen, ZAGG

Never underestimate the power of small, strategic changes.

At MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014, Jessica Andreasen, Director of Digital Marketing, ZAGG, a mobile accessories company, revealed how small changes increased revenue per email by 152%.

It began when she witnessed a very sharp, steady decline in email revenue. Andreasen knew she needed to find out why her customers were losing interest. She began by asking her Web developers for any data they could give her — relevant or not — about her email list. In the process, she was impressed with the amount of customers who have purchased from ZAGG since its inception.

She created an email thanking these customers for their patronage and used the opportunity to change the email template to focus on sharing a message as opposed to blasting promotions:
  • She removed all but one call-to-action to reduce distraction

  • She added copy that read like a letter to the customer as opposed to an advertisement

  • She used design to focus on the core message

Download the slides to this presentation

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