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Crafting Effective Email Messages: How a recent experiment helped MECLABS researchers achieve a 104% increase in email response

Flint McGlaughlin, MECLABS

A marketer can make many small mistakes in an email campaign that can have huge effects on your response. This session, presented at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2012, explains three of those common errors.

Small adjustments to your email marketing campaign can garner large results and better serve your consumers. Real campaigns and emails discussed in this session show research-based, actionable takeaways that can be useful immediately.

McGlaughlin speaks about the flawed funnel analogy, and how to influence a consumer's decision along the purchase path. Achieve a "yes" all the way along the purchase path by asking the right people - your ideal customers - the right questions.

Marketers are shown how to identify conflated objectives and clearly convey the value of a product to consumers in the most effective order. This session simplifies the process of identifying the ideal customer, while teaching how to keep their interest and business.

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