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Cutting Through The Noise: How Ebates integrated compelling content into its seasonal campaigns and earned a 11.7% conversion rate and a leg up on the competition

Derek Kazee, Director of Retention Marketing, Ebates

When a member of the Ebates team received a holiday preview email that inspired him, the team went to work, putting their own creative approach on a send that became customer focused, not sales focused.

In this quick-hitting session from MarketingSherpa Summit 2016, Derek Kazee, Director of Retention Marketing, Ebates, will share how he and his team created the Ebates Cyber Days Preview email in two days. It was delivered to more than four million subscribers with the goal to inform and engage in a way that would speak to a loyal member base.  

This send engaged Ebates' members with unique content while driving awareness to its promotional calendar. According to Kazee, this helped members plan their shopping trips and had an impact on holiday revenue for the company. The conversion rate increased to 11.7%, up from 10.3% from the year before, even though selling wasn’t the objective of the send. 

“We’re all fighting for eyeballs, for attention, for loyalty, and it’s not an easy task,” he said, advising that marketers view “business as usual” as just “ok” and strive to provide more for customers. 

Kazee discusses how his team overcame the biggest obstacle to this entire campaign’s success — cutting through the holiday retail noise to engage with its members about current and upcoming promotions in a fun and informative way.

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