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How an Online Organic and Natural Food Retailer Grew Its Social Media Fan Base 600% in 18 Months

Cambria Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing, Door to Door Organics

More than two years ago, Door to Door Organics noticed a growing trend of customers proudly sharing photos of their Good Food deliveries across social media.

By harnessing user-generated content as a form of digital word-of-mouth, Cambria Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing, Door to Door Organics, and her team followed their customers’ lead by shifting the marketing paradigm from social media as an afterthought to a core business function. She discusses how to fine-tune your social media campaigns to drive brand awareness and fan engagement, which ultimately leads to higher profits.

In her MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 presentation, Cambria Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing, Door to Door Organics, shares her team’s journey on social media — from a customer service channel to a unified, proactive, brand-building strategy.

You will see how they:

  • Used social media as a channel to serve customers 
  • Listened on social to better understand the customer experience 
  • Amplified word-of-mouth, grassroots branding

Jacobs and her team used these tactics to not only learn more about their customers, by drive a 26% growth of new customers acquired from field marketing tactics, and leaping in followers on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. 

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