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Digital Optimization: How AARP Services increased referrals and membership renewals

Preeti Sood, AARP Services; Gaurav Bhatia, AARP Services; Daniel Burstein, MECLABS

The heart of AARP Services' website optimization was simple: make it easy for its customers. With a customer set skewing toward those 65 years or older, the company's audience is still adjusting to the digital world.

"We need to be very clear in terms of how we talk to them and really make it very usable and easy for them to find what they're looking for," explained Gaurav Bhatia, Vice President, Digital Strategy, AARP Services. "Because if you don’t, they'll get frustrated and go somewhere else."

In this transferable case study from Optimization Summit 2013, discover how the AARP team conducted six tests to optimize its website resulting in increased website referrals and decreased page bounce rates.

The tests revolved around the following goals for the website and its content:
  1. Make it easy to read and share

  2. Make it easy to listen

  3. Make it easy to find

  4. Make it easy to understand

  5. Make it easy to access

  6. Make it easy to use

Watch this Optimization Summit 2013 replay to learn how you can better understand your audience and their needs through the utilization of a variety of different research methods, tests and tactics.

Download the slides to this presentation

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