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Email Marketing: How Dell simplified email template design to drive a double-digit percentage increase in revenue rate

Jessica Vogel, Global Marketing Consultant, Dell

For the past few years at MarketingSherpa Summit, certain trends have popped up, and mostly they involve fun or flashy campaigns. The prevalent trend this past year was getting back to basics and testing the "bones" of emails.

As you will see in this video replay, one presentation that focused on this was Dell, which experienced a transformational moment when it began reassessing standard email templates as part of an email service provider switch.

Jessica Vogel, Senior Global Marketing Manager, Dell, said "lots of testing with small adjustments" led to the company redoing its email sends, and part of this strategy includes having "a good key message."

In the campaign covered at Summit, Vogel said her team focused on testing a simple move: putting the header at the bottom of the email.

It's a small change for such a large company, but the team wanted to drill down to smaller aspects to see if they could be a catalyst for bigger improvements.

In her breakout session, Vogel mentioned the long-held belief that email needs to match the landing page. This idea served as the control for the A/B test, and the treatment was then to move the noise to the footer, allowing recipients to click through to the landing page via the hero image.

The main takeaway, according to Vogel, is to keep the message simple, and to allow the main call-to-action to do the heavy lifting in driving engagement.

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