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Email Marketing: Content segmentation increases CNET's subscriber engagement

Diana Primeau, Director of Member Services, CNET

You’ve grown your email subscription list, and you now have access to a whole segment of new customers. Your work is over, right?

According to Diana Primeau, Director of Member Services, CNET, that's far from the case.

During her presentation at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015, Primeau explained the importance of engaging with new users right away through interesting and relevant content, thereby increasing the customers’ odds of establishing a long-term relationship with your brand. No matter the industry, engaging an existing customer is much easier than acquiring a new customer, Primeau said.

Under Primeau’s leadership, the technology and electronics media website developed a welcome and nurturing email series designed to not only draw in new users, but also retain them. Primeau and her team then used content to create segmented content sends. All of these efforts heavily utilized testing.

Because CNET is the largest tech site in the world and sees over 100 million unique visitors every month, Primeau admits it’s ideal for testing.

"I feel pretty fortunate. I get to play in a pretty large sandbox," she joked.

By working towards introducing content sends that leveraged segmentation, Primeau was able to address CNET's challenges of increasing relevancy and personalization in its email sends, abandon the batch-and-blast approach to email and leverage content to increase engagement with subscribers.

In this presentation, Primeau also makes a counterargument for using sweepstakes as a method for building emailing lists.

Learn from Primeau how to utilize relevant and personalized content to keep email subscribers engaged with your brand.

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