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Content Marketing: 5 steps for using content to influence decisions and convert customers

Ninan Chacko, PR Newswire

"How can we leverage content to increase the effectiveness of our lead generation efforts?"

Ninan Chacko, CEO, PR Newswire, posed that question to the audience at MarketingSherpa Lead Gen Summit 2013.

In his keynote session, "Content Marketing: How a 60-year-old media company is pioneering the future of advertising," Chacko talked to the audience about how content can be used to build their businesses.

"The consumer's now very much more in control. They're in control of what they're consuming, when they want to consume it, what form they want to consume it, etcetera. … We've moved from this one-way broadcast to a much more two-way interactive dialogue," he said.

Content marketing is a way to engage in that dialogue. In his session, Chacko presented a five-step process to executing effective content marketing.

In this Lead Gen Summit 2013 video replay, learn:
  • How content has and will always impact media

  • The role content has in influencing decisions

  • How to discipline our content marketing to influence decisions

Download the slides to this presentation

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