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Confessions of a Content Marketer: Lessons from a 4-year transition from "push" to "pull" marketing

Edwin Jansen, The Ian Martin Group

Edwin Jansen, Director of Business Development, The Ian Martin Group, explained how the Internet changed the relationship between marketers and consumers at B2B Summit 2012. Learn from his success and the challenges he experienced as the team transitioned from company-centric marketing to consumer-based content marketing.

"The brands are no longer in control. The consumers are in control," Jansen declared, "… A brand is what people say a brand is."

In 10 simple steps, Jansen explained:

  • How he engaged and used people within the company to propel quality content

  • How his team created and managed processes that best serve consumers

  • How essential the right tools were to a great marketing campaign

  • The one thing he wished he knew before he started

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