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The Boston Globe: Discovering and optimizing a value proposition for content

Peter Doucette, The Boston Globe, and Pamela Markey, MECLABS

The Boston Globe has been black, white and read all over for more than 100 years. The media giant's established readership of 6 million-plus provided a perfect opportunity when developing its new digital subscription business,

At Optimization Summit 2013, Peter Doucette, Executive Director of Circulation, Sales & Marketing, The Boston Globe, unveiled how the prestigious news hub performed more than 20 tests on its extensive existing audience to help build its digital entity and understand what content appeals most to its customer base.

"It's an ecosystem that's built for testing," Doucette said. "We figured out how to take advantage of that."

For more on The Boston Globe's testing and optimization, watch the full session from Optimization Summit 2013 to learn about:
  • Creating opportunities for content in a changing marketplace

  • Empowering writers to become experienced testers

  • Testing to understand what will catch your readers' eyes and keep their attention

  • And much more

Download the slides to this presentation

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