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B2C Marketing: How Boston Children's Hospital's customer satisfaction score increased 20% through digital optimization

Torin Gilkey, Manager of Digital Marketing, Boston Children's Hospital

In elementary school, many of us were taught about the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would want done unto you."

Recently, many schools have shifted focus to a new rule — the Platinum Rule. Simply put, this rule states that we should do unto others as they would want done unto them. Despite our advanced degrees and industry expertise, many of us could stand to learn a thing or two from this updated but simple schoolyard lesson.

In his presentation at MarketingSherpa Summit 2016, Torin Gilkey, Manager of Digital Marketing, Boston Children's Hospital, took a “Platinum Rule” approach to BCH's website. The team there put themselves in their customers’ shoes, and focused on what they would want.

In previous years, the site was a complex web of pages and blogs. Patients, providers or doctors coming to the site to find information routinely found themselves struggling to locate answers to their questions. This was evident by low customer satisfaction (SAT) scores, as well as by qualitative feedback.

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To help solve this problem, the BCE team started by identifying the main reasons for which people came to the site.
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With these use cases in mind, Gilkey and his team thought out how these pages could be most useful if they were to visit them. Pages were then redesigned with customer satisfaction in mind. For example, the "Find a Doctor" page made it much easier to find and filter doctors based on specific preferences and needs. And, once a doctor was selected, the information about that specific physician was presented in a much more personal way.

By carefully thinking about what the customer would want, and improving delivery of that information through redesigned pages and a new mobile experience, Gilkey and his team were able to increase customer satisfaction scores by 20%.

“In the last year, this is one year from implementation … we were able to generate results that delivered over a 20-point satisfaction increase … we’re able to slowly incrementally build that up into the experience that we now deliver,” he said.

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