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B2B Gamification: How Autodesk used game mechanics for in-trial marketing

Dawn Wolfe, Autodesk, and Andy Mott, Autodesk

For the in-trial marketers at Autodesk, gamification is not a toy. Because of gamification, Autodesk experienced a 40% increase in participation in a free trial for one of its products.

This presentation from B2B Summit 2012 featured Dawn Wolfe, Senior Marketing Manager, and Andy Mott, both from Autodesk, as they discussed how they took a gamification approach to their in-trial marketing efforts.

Gamification is an element in everyone's life, from a child's height marked on a meter stick, to SAT scores and all the way to work life with applications such as

"Those things exist in all of us, and they're waiting for us as B2B marketers to just tap into them, and use them," Mott said.

In this B2B Summit presentation, you will learn:

  • How gamification has been conditioned into our lives

  • Autodesk's two approaches to in-trial marketing

  • How gamification was implemented into a free trial of a high-end product

  • The next step for Autodesk

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