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Air Canada Case Study: The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made

Justin Bridegan, MECLABS, and Tim Burgess, Air Canada

As he details the steps taken to develop a test within Air Canada, Burgess reveals the mistake he made, and the takeaways from it. He and Bridegan walk the audience at Optimization Summit 2012 through a specific test for an ancillary product that seemed to be a rousing success, improving revenue by 50%.

However, "this is where I made my big mistake," Burgess said, detailing how the coming months were confusing for himself, his boss and other stakeholders. By selling an unrealistic expectation, Burgess shows how the end results and lift were less impressive because of inflated expectations and confusion within their marketing team. See how he corrected his mistakes to build trust and a smoother testing program.

(Download the slides to this presentation)

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