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Fully Aligned: A how-to session with Readers' Choice winner SAP on navigating relevance and gaining the buy-in you need from stakeholders at every step

Ginger Shimp, Marketing Director, SAP America, and Anna Heidecker, Account Supervisor, KERN (an Omnicom Agency)

Ginger Shimp and her team won the MarketingSherpa Reader’s Choice Award for their content-driven campaign that built more than $23 million of marketing-generated pipeline. (You can watch the video replay of that session here.)

A key driver of the success of that campaign was the relevance of the content. Relevance is a word that is thrown around a lot in the marketing sphere, but it’s a constant battle to adhere to it in day-to-day application.

With 19 industries to cover, the team at SAP had doggedly pursued relevant content for the extensive content marketing campaign by determining the right individual topics that would appeal to each and every one of those 19 industries and considering the medium that was right for each industry’s customers.

With such a massive campaign, being aligned and bought-in with different teams — both vendor and in-house — was crucial to make this an evergreen, transformative effort.

To get a behind-the-scenes look at the process that drove the campaign, watch this video replay of their MarketingSherpa Summit session. This session focused on:

  • Setting up expectations and gaining initial buy-in
  • Understanding the agency perspective
  • Communicating clearly with all stakeholders throughout the process
  • Keeping the customer top of mind throughout the chaos

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