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Enhancing Culture and Brand Engagement through Video Marketing Without Breaking the Bank

Max Anderson, Video Producer, Nextiva

Most people wouldn’t peg a cloud-based communications B2B company as video powerhouse ripe with content. However, Nextiva, proves that assumption invariably wrong. The company is dedicated to surpassing traditional customer experiences. The Nextiva team consistently goes above and beyond for customers at every touch point — and their secret weapon is customer-focused video content.

In four years, the company has integrated video into direct customer responses, company culture efforts, and it has drawn in over 1,000,000 video views on YouTube by doing so. In this MarketingSherpa Summit 2017 session, Max Anderson, a video producer at Nextiva, shares how the marketing team at Nextiva has integrated video into their campaign, customer service and sales efforts, and how to:

  • Launch and scale a video marketing program without major equipment or staffing investment
  • Tell your story in different ways through different video formats to support customer, prospect and employee audience objectives
  • Garner real emotion from the viewer through video, resulting in genuine, impactful customer relationships
  • Develop a new channel to drive engagement, traffic and, ultimately, leads and sales


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