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An Inside Look at Dell EMC's Framework for Scaling Its Successful Content Strategies Across a Global Enterprise

Lindsay Lyons, Director, Global Content Strategy, Dell EMC

The Dell EMC Global Content Strategy team was faced with the challenge of moving from technology- and product-heavy content to a storytelling and customer-centric approach in a business that was traditionally focused on speeds-and-feeds.

The content strategy framework they set out to design had to be scalable and work across different teams, break-down silos and not impose a complex org structure on the customer experience. Easy, right?

To gauge their success, the team started tracking how many marketers were trained in this new approach and framework. Now that it’s in market, they use engagement metrics along with traditional demand-gen metrics to show that this strategy is working, and to guide them on how to evolve it.

In this video replay from MarketingSherpa Summit, watch Lindsay Lyons, Director, Global Content Strategy at Dell EMC, share how her team developed a content strategy framework that scaled across the enterprise organization while enabling great customer experiences. All while leveraging the latest in digital marketing technology, including programmatic media buying/targeting, dynamic content tools and marketing automation. She explains how to:

  • Develop the framework, build a business case and secure buy-in from leaders and teams
  • Operationalize a Center of Excellence that is truly integrated as a core function of the marketing team and makes things work using existing processes
  • Break through silos to establish a common customer journey across the organization, and build campaigns and programs based on real customer interaction and decision logic
  • Develop playbooks and templates that help teams put the strategy to work right away without requiring technology, budget or tools — and roll out hands-on workshops to help 3,000 marketers work and think differently

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