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B2B Marketing: 4 steps a systems integrator took to achieve Marketing-Sales alignment

Kelly Harman, Carousel Industries

At B2B Summit 2012, Kelly Harman, Vice President, Marketing, Carousel Industries, presented, "Make Marketing Indispensable: Strategies for turning the sales team into your biggest fans." Carousel is a systems integrator with 60 products and, according to Harman, sales people are constantly overwhelmed with information on leads.

To establish a relationship between Sales and Marketing, Harman and her team took four steps including walking in Sales' shoes, giving Sales useful tools, making it easier to find information, and finally, making the departments transparent.

In the first step, Harman stressed the importance of walking in Sales' shoes.

"Nothing gives you more credibility with the senior management team and the sales people. You can say that you've been out on sales calls and you know firsthand what the prospects and the customers are asking, what their concerns are and how the sales process is really being done, as opposed to how you think it’s being done, or assume how it should be done," Harman explained.

In this B2B Summit session video replay, you will also learn:

  • How the Sales Advisory Group was created, and why

  • How Marketing prepared packaged case studies for Sales

  • How Harman and her team created the Carousel Insider to keep important information all in one place

  • How the Carousel Insider led to transparency across the entire company

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