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Case Studies: 1365 and counting...

Case Study #CS22916:

Singapore Airlines Tests Viral eCard Campaign

Summary: This Case Study is a must-read for all business-to-consumer marketers trying to build an opt-in email database. Interactive ad agency execs, who are trying to convince clients to invest online, will also thoroughly appreciate how an online campaign, that was a "little add-on" to a big traditional media buy, ended up making a giant impact on the client-side. Our favorite bit is when the agency involved predicted how successful the campaign would be. They were way off. continue...
Posted: Mar 07, 2002
Case Study #CS22914:

How a Traditional Trade Publisher is Selling Both Ads and Subscriptions Online

Summary: Swept up in the B-to-B e-marketplace hype of 1999, traditional trade publisher Miller Freeman hoped they could profit online by spinning off their Pulp & Paper Division into a new dot-com, Paperloop. After the dust settled, most of their 20-odd dot-com competitors went under, while Paperloop is a definite growing success. To learn how they juggle the demands of ad sales and subscription sales for the same site, check out our new Case Study.  It includes info on their very clever "Expert Q&A" ad unit. continue...
Posted: Mar 06, 2002
Case Study #CS22913:

Email Sponsorships Outperform Broadcast Campaigns to Rented Lists

Summary: Greg Govatos, VP of Marketing for Chutney Technologies, has the same challenge that many other tech marketers face -- he has to gather qualified sales leads for high-ticket items requiring a long, educational, sales cycle.  Previously he mostly did this by investing in trade show booths and sales road shows. But over the past nine months he has tested a new strategy -- email marketing. This Case Study includes a sample email newsletter ad that really worked, plus some useful tips on how to get the most for your email marketing money. continue...
Posted: Mar 05, 2002
Case Study #CS22912:

LEGO Lifts Brand Awareness With Online Ads

Summary: Marketing LEGO toys online is not as easy as you might think because ads have to reach and influence three distinct populations -- kids, parents, and adult enthusiasts. Check out this Case Study to hear what really worked (amazing click through rates) and what really did not. Plus, includes a link to some really unusual online creative executions that your art director will love. continue...
Posted: Mar 01, 2002
Case Study #CS22910:

Can Viral Games Work for Business-to-Business Marketing

Summary: Can you use a fun viral game to generate serious business sales leads? This Case Study shares details of a company that has gained five new paying clients and 135 additional qualified sales leads from a game. Copywriters will especially enjoy the emailed text-only note that started driving traffic to the game.  (Yes we included a sample for you.) Also included -- links to two more Case Studies on B-to-B viral games that worked for very different companies. continue...
Posted: Feb 26, 2002
Case Study #CS22909:

Six Tactics Used to Convince Media Buyers to Test a New Online Ad Unit

Summary: Like many online publishers, Craig Calder, VP Marketing New York Times Digital, was feeling increasingly frustrated, "Despite the fact that Media Metrix numbers showed that our audience was growing, loyalty increasing, and time spent on the site increasing, we were under pressure for CPM to come down. "What it was saying to us was that the quality of the site didn't matter. A click is a click is a click." continue...
Posted: Feb 22, 2002
Case Study #CS22907:

How World Book Grew Online Sales 66% with an In-Store Sweeps and Search Engine Marketing

Summary: If you are seeking ways to improve your Web site's conversion rate of visitors into buyers (or into opt-in sales leads), definitely check out this Case Study for ideas. Because of their deal with AOL, World Book Encyclopedia has always gotten a heck of a lot of site traffic. World Book's marketers were not satisfied with the percent of visitors who converted into buyers. Hear how they tested search engine optimization, a very clever series of mini-sites, and an unusual in-store sweeps to grow sales. continue...
Posted: Feb 21, 2002
Case Study #CS22904:

How to Support Field Sales and Telesales with Your Web Site

Summary: "We are the Home Depot for engineers," explains National Instruments (NI) Director Web Marketing, John Pasquarette. In 1998, when it "became obvious the Web would be a huge part of our business," NI's CEO threw down a challenge to the then six-person Web team: make the company Web site an integral partner with and support for field sales, telesales and marketing. Learn how NI's Web team revamped the site so it would shorten the sales cycle, drive qualified sales leads to real-world reps, and save money on printed materials.  Plus, Pasquarette also reveals the three specific tactics that made the site's online support center so useful that the Association of Support Professionals named it one of "The Year's Ten Best Web Support Sites" for 2001: continue...
Posted: Feb 19, 2002
Case Study #CS22899:

How a Florida Realtor Gets 400-500 Sales Leads a Day from a Simple, High-Impact Web Site

Summary: With 80 salespeople in five offices in Florida, Bob Bach Owner of Century 21 Timeshare Resales, he needed fresh qualified leads daily. He did not expect the Internet to replace salespeople because timeshares prices start at $1500 and go up from there, so the human touch is needed to close most sales. Was there a way to generate qualified leads online? If you want your company's Web site to be a "lead generating machine" versus just pretty "brochureware," definitely check out this Case Study to see how Bach gets 400-500 qualified leads a day from his straight forward site. (Note: This Case Study also includes a sample of a fairly simple email marketing campaign that generated 20 hard sales for Bach this Winter.  We like the fact that it was based on a direct mail campaign -- which proves you can sometimes use offline creative online.) continue...
Posted: Feb 14, 2002
Case Study #CS22897:

Reaching Fortune 1000 Sales Prospects Online

Summary: When Jeff Kuzmich joined Element K as Internet Marketing Manager in October 2000, the company was barely spending any money on outbound Internet marketing. Kuzmich was given two primary goals:

1. Test a wide variety of outbound Internet marketing to promote the Element K brand.

2. Generate qualified sales leads of Fortune 1000 VPs of HR and Training for the sales team.

In just one year, Kuzmich tested banners, ezine sponsorships, broadcast email campaigns to rented lists, and email marketing to the Company's own house list.  Find out what worked and what he learned from it. (BTW: This Case Study contains some useful online media buying advice for folks buying banners in niche B-to-B sites.) continue...
Posted: Feb 12, 2002

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