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Case Studies: 1455 and counting...

Case Study #CS23146:

How Crucial Technology Raised Affiliate Sales 27%

Summary: What we love about this Case Study is the data in the results section on which types of creative (banners, buttons, links) bring in the most ROI for

Includes samples of creative and's affiliate newsletter continue...
Posted: Dec 05, 2002
Case Study #CS23141:

How SitePoint Mixes Revenue Streams to Stay More Profitable than Competing Publishers

Summary: The fun thing about this Case Study is it is a true rags-to-riches story of a lone entrepreneur who started a content site for a hobby, and then built it into a big profitable company.

Useful metrics on the percent of visitors who sign up for a newsletter using the site's pop-up are included.

Also, if you write or managing edit articles for your company's site or email newsletter, you absolutely *must* check out sample issue of SitePoint's "Scribe" newsletter that is also included. continue...
Posted: Dec 05, 2002
Case Study #CS23136:

How GM Goodwrench Uses an Advertising Extranet to Help Dealerships Stick to Approved Branding

Summary: If you are trying to corral dealers, franchisees, branch offices, agencies, or other marketing partners into using the right ads and branding, definitely read this Case Study for ideas.

The most interesting part is how GM convinced dealers to actually use the branding extranet. You can lead a horse to water but... Yes, it includes a link so you can see part of the extranet yourself. continue...
Posted: Nov 21, 2002
Case Study #CS23134:

How iVillage is Positioning Itself to Profit (As Soon as the Economy Gets a Little Better)

Summary: Ok, iVillage is decidedly not profitable, nor will they be any time soon. Why did we do a Case Study on them?

Despite the bottom line, they are using four clever tactics to sell more ads, get more traffic, and prep for the day when the economy improves. These are tactics that we think other online publishers could use to good effect right now. continue...
Posted: Nov 21, 2002
Case Study #CS23132:

How to Get 85% More Sales to Global 2000 Clients (with a 15% Lower Marketing Budget)

Summary: This Case Study includes some useful no-nonsense tips on business-to-business marketing on a tight budget. Find out how software marketer Christine Smith saved money on seminar road shows; got influential analysts at firms such as Gartner to like her Company (hint: Use fewer than 10 slides); and doubled the number of white paper downloads from her Web site.

If you are trying to generate more sales leads for your company, we hope you get at least one great "stealable" idea from this. continue...
Posted: Nov 19, 2002
Case Study #CS23131:

How to Increase Online Store Profits with Database Marketing - How PC Mall Does It

Summary: If you work for a cataloguer with a Web site, or any other retailer marketing through more than channel, you will want to read this Case Study right away.

We were fascinated to learn how PC Mall uses database marketing to figure out which media contribute to each sale (even if the buyer was 'touched' by more than one campaign at about the same time). Also, check out marketer Alan Paggao's tactic to "slam" pay-per-click sales records against his database to imporve ROI. continue...
Posted: Nov 15, 2002
Case Study #CS23126:

TechWeb's New Links Listings Generate $150k More Ad Sales in 45 Days

Summary: Just in time for their 4th quarter sales push, CMP's TechWeb
Network invented a new ad package. It is a cross between sponsored
links and contextual advertising. Sales have already exceeded
their hopes. Yes, in a down year.

We think it is a tactic other content-rich sites could copy. continue...
Posted: Nov 14, 2002
Case Study #CS23124:

Two Tactics Hobart Uses to Defy the Recession: 400 Customer Testimonials and 0% Financing

Summary: This Case Study includes some great ideas on how to set up a workable program to collect and use customer case histories, without too much work on your part.

Plus, it also examines what happens when you test a different offer to a segment of your marketplace. Hobart's 0% offer is unusual for B2B marketing so we were fascinated by the results. continue...
Posted: Nov 12, 2002
Case Study #CS23129:

How to Succeed in CPA Advertising and Convert 30% of Samplers to Buyers - the TrimLife Story

Summary: Disclaimer: CPA advertising does not work for everyone and should not
be relied on unless you are a direct response marketer with a
proven sales conversion process and an extremely wide appeal.

That said, this Case Study is inspirational and contains great
hands-on practical knowledge of how to run CPA advertising
properly. If you run an affiliate program, you should also check
this story out: TrimLife has come up with a strong-minded tactic
to ensure their partners never ever spam in their name. continue...
Posted: Nov 08, 2002
Case Study #CS23122:

Selling eBooks & Subscriptions to Consumers Online: Hard Lessons from a Get-Rich-Quick Publisher

Summary: It is easy for we "serious" marketers to sneer a bit at the guys selling "how to get r*ich on the Internet" stuff. Don't you ever secretly wonder if there's something you could learn from them? No matter how traditional and snooty your company is?

During the course of our research to create this Case Study, we learned five lessons that have already helped us out tremendously. Now it is your turn. Yes, this includes some (very) useful metrics. continue...
Posted: Nov 07, 2002

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