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Case Studies: 1481 and counting...

Case Study #CS23208:

Budget Rent a Car Gets 5.6% Conversions from Email Promotions

Summary: Do you use email newsletters or sales alerts mailings to market to your prospect and customer lists? Check out this Case Study on Budget Rent a Car to hear how they have improved their results through testing. continue...
Posted: Feb 27, 2003
Case Study #CS23198:

How Juggles Ad and Content Sales: A Big Lesson About Paid Barrier Visibility

Summary:, the online version of The Economist magazine, has been offering subscriptions to its site since 1996. That is waaay ahead of the curve.

Learn how they mix open-access areas that generate enough pageviews to satisfy ad sales, and paid-only areas. Includes subscription sales data, and tips on protecting your ad sales brand online. continue...
Posted: Feb 26, 2003
Case Study #CS23197:

Buyer's Kit Offer Generates 5,000+ Sales Leads (Works Better Than White Paper or Webinar Offers)

Summary: Just to be clear, we are not advising that you stop offering white papers and/or webinars to entice prospects. These two classic B2B offers work just fine.

However, you should consider adding a Buyer's Kit offer to your mix as well. Find out how Atomz's Seth Brenzel invented his Kit offer, how he promotes it, and what sorts of results he is getting.

BTW: This Case Study also includes test results from landing pages that include regular site navigation links vs. landing pages without links. continue...
Posted: Feb 25, 2003
Case Study #CS23200:

How a Niche eretailer Gets a 25% Visitor-to-Buyer Conversion Rate: Crew Tags

Summary: When the only thing your site sells is luggage tags, your traffic
is necessarily limited so you have to get the highest conversions
you possibly can.

Learn the five specific tactics Crew Tags used to improve it's
conversion rates from 10% to 25% recently. Yes, they apply to
anyone selling online no matter how big or small you are, and no
matter what you sell. continue...
Posted: Feb 21, 2003
Case Study #CS23194:

9 Tactics eretail Site Used to Nearly Double Sales Conversions in the Past 6 Months

Summary: Last fall did a giant site revamp to try and increase their shopper-to-buyer sales conversions. Here are all the details on what they did, and how it worked out.

Obviously a must-read if you sell online. Most interesting fact is the specific impact larger pictures had on sales. continue...
Posted: Feb 14, 2003
Case Study #CS23187:

Test Results from Weatherbug's Pro-Version Subscription Sales Campaigns

Summary: If you do any online advertising at all, no matter what industry you are in, definitely check out this Case Study to see the fascinating results of Weatherbug's creative test. The marketing team created two very different ads: One very slick and one very not. Guess which won? (Samples and data included.)

Also, if you are selling subscriptions to a Web site, you will
probably pick up at least one helpful fact. continue...
Posted: Feb 13, 2003
Case Study #CS23186:

How to Cut Through the Clutter & Impress Prospects with an Emailed Flash Commercial

Summary: As this Case Study explains, sending a Flash commercial via email
is probably not a good idea for many marketplaces. However, if you
serve small-medium businesses, it might be something you should
consider testing.

Interestingly, this marketer uses an e-commercial as a personal
follow-up communication to prospects that her sales reps meet at
trade shows. It works better than old fashioned postal mail or
regular emailed notes. continue...
Posted: Feb 11, 2003
Case Study #CS23185:

How Grew its Visitor-to-Buyer Conversion Rate by 20% - Improving Site Search

Summary: If you have hundreds or thousands of SKUs at your online store,
how do you help shoppers find exactly what they are looking for
before they restlessly bail on your site?

Improving site search is not just about your "search box." uses five very different tactics to help shoppers.
This Case Study details the five tactics and how you might be
able to apply them to raise sales. continue...
Posted: Feb 07, 2003
Case Study #CS23180:

Behind-the-Scenes at Weatherbug: Ad Sales Tactics That Work

Summary: Want to know how Weatherbug got 17,500,000 people to download it?
It is revealed here, plus you will also learn how they sell ads.

It is not as easy as you think, zillions of eyeballs is not worth a
lot on the Net ad sales market these days. The Weatherbug team
have tested five specific ad sales units. Four have been huge
winners, and one is a total stinker. Find out which one. continue...
Posted: Feb 06, 2003
Case Study #CS23179:

Failing UK Marketing Firm Dramatically Revives with Clever Re-Branding & Prospecting

Summary: If you market business services, you will be inspired by the low-
cost-but-innovative tactics in this Case Study about a UK firm who
pulled out of a death-spiral with really smart marketing.

Yes, these ideas are totally applicable no matter what country you
are in. Our personal favorite: The business card idea. Also
features powerful copywriting tips for your Web site home page. continue...
Posted: Feb 04, 2003

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