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Case Studies: 1444 and counting...

Case Study #CS23120:

Goody's Chain Store Tests Emailed Coupons

Summary: If you have been considering emailing discount coupons to your
customers to see if you can drive some brick and mortar store
traffic, absolutely check this Case Study out.

It includes some stunning metrics regarding average shopping cart
size. We worried discount coupons might cannibalize normal sales.
We were completely wrong. continue...
Posted: Oct 31, 2002
Case Study #CS23115:

5 Marketing Tactics Tested to Sell Subscriptions to Individual Investors Online

Summary: This Case Study has one very big stealable idea for a way to improve your Web site results. Read it and then test it out for yourself.

Most Web site changes lead to incremental growth. You change a bit of copy, or the color of a button, and voila .005% more of your visitors buy something. Which is to be celebrated. Once in a blue moon a single improvement makes a profound difference to the bottom line. found one that meant some visitors were four times more likely to buy. continue...
Posted: Oct 30, 2002
Case Study #CS23112:

How to Retain Business Clients by Using Regular Emailed Surveys

Summary: Almost everyone surveys their customers occasionally to find out
how they are doing. Business cleaning company Jani-King is in
an incredibly competitive marketplace, so they decided to survey

How do you get clients to answer a survey that frequently? This
Case Study provides great advice. Best bit: Jani-King's emailed
surveys are in the body of the email itself, so recipients do not
have to click over to a Web page to answer them. continue...
Posted: Oct 29, 2002
Case Study #CS23113:

How Flexcar Gets a 72% Marketing Email Newsletter Open Rate

Summary: If your company operates in multiple locations, or has multiple
product lines, or multiple buyer demographics, then you really
should be considering publishing several different email

Who has time? Flexcar decided instead to create one ultra-
personalized newsletter that adjusts itself to each subscriber.
That may sound complicated (and expensive) but it is really not. continue...
Posted: Oct 24, 2002
Case Study #CS23108:

The Onion - How the Web's Most Beloved Humor Site Stays Profitable

Summary: So many independently owned Web sites have gone under in the past year, that many fans of The Onion worried it might topple too. Never fear. The site is profitable and staying strong.

Although our Case Study is a fun read (hey, it is The Onion after all), it also includes some genuinely useful info on online ad sales that might help your own site improve. continue...
Posted: Oct 23, 2002
Case Study #CS23105:

Oakwood Uses Advanced Web & Email Tactics to Survive the Recession on a Smaller Marketing Budget

Summary: Before the recession hit, $500 million corporate temporary housing industry leader Oakwood already had an 8,000-page Web site and an email newsletter. When business got tougher, Oakwood's marketer had to go beyond Web marketing 101 to improve sales on a smaller budget.

If you depend on your Web site to generate sales leads, this is a useful Case Study for you. Yes, there are some tactics (and cool metrics measurements) that companies of any size can take advantage of: continue...
Posted: Oct 23, 2002
Case Study #CS23104:

McDonald's Chipotle Restaurants Revamp Site & Email Campaigns to Maximize Viral Pass-Along

Summary: "It looked like a heavy metal band's site," Chipotle's email manager Joe Stupp describes the restaurant chain's Web site before its big revamp this summer.

Even with a bad site, they got a heck of a lot of visitor email. They focused their revamp and subsequent email marketing campaigns on taking advantage of it. If you copywrite email marketing campaigns, you will enjoy the sample copy in this Case Study. If you are in charge of email customer service, you absolutely have to check this thing out. continue...
Posted: Oct 17, 2002
Case Study #CS23099:

Industrial Manufacturer Expands Nationally by Switching from Print Ads to Search Engine Marketing

Summary: The recession has hit the industrial vacuum system business very
hard. Ross Cook's CEO Mike Fisher says his company would have
"tanked" just as many of his competitors have. One thing saved
him: The great sales leads his revamped Web site is bringing in
every day.

This Case Study details the five step-process Ross Cook went
through to get better listings in search engines, and to make sure
that visitors turn into leads, and leads turn into sales. continue...
Posted: Oct 15, 2002
Case Study #CS23102:

How a New Loyalty Program Raised Sales 30% for a Florida Retail and Restaurant Group (in August!)

Summary: It is August 2002. It is Florida. The economy stinks. Nobody's
sales go up except for the guy selling air conditioning, and
Michael's Gourmet Group.

How did he do it? A new customer loyalty program, complete with
email newsletter takes the credit. Best of all, Michael Klauber
says his admin and marketing staff workload went down as a result. continue...
Posted: Oct 11, 2002
Case Study #CS23094:

How to Make Money in Directory Publishing Online -- KnowledgeStorm's Evolving Business Model

Summary: If you are trying to get people to register at your Web site, or
your site's success relies on visitors using your "search" box,
definitely read this Case Study because it includes "before" and
"after" registration forms (from a redesign that made a big
difference in conversions) and a link to research data on how Web
visitors use "search."

Oh, and if you are in the directory publishing business, obviously
this one is for you. (By the way, at six pages this Case Study is a
bit longer than our usual ones. We suggest you print it out to
read.) continue...
Posted: Oct 09, 2002

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