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Case Studies: 1318 and counting...

Case Study #CS22794:

Summary: How can you market to an industry that's in a bad recession? Pat Harpell, CEO of Harpell, a 45-person marketing firm serving the hard-hit high tech sector, knew that to get new clients this year, her team had to create an extraordinary sales lead prospecting campaign.

Even if you have nothing to do with high tech marketing or ad agency biz dev, you should definitely click to see this Case Study because the lyrics to Harpell's song, "Let's All Blame the Marketing Director" are SO much fun. continue...
Posted: Oct 02, 2001
Case Study #CS22792:

Sharper Image Tests European eretail Launch

Summary: Does the idea of all those millions of Web shoppers outside the US wet your interest?  The management team at Sharper Image thought expanding globally would be fairly easy. Guess again. Learn from their lessons (did you know German online shoppers vastly prefer local bank fund transfers to credit cards?)  in this entertaining and educational Case Study. continue...
Posted: Sep 27, 2001
Case Study #CS22790:

From Brochureware to Global eMarketing -- Otis Grows Sales and Lowers Marketing Costs in 52 Nations

Summary: Otis Elevator is one of the most famous brands in the world, with customers in more than 200 countries. Scott Gaskill, Senior ecommerce Manager, says, "Otis' presence is second only to Coke."

How do you take a giant 150-year old B-to-B marketing company, known for printing lengthy four-color brochures, and turn it into a global e-company? It's not easy. (Note: if you have to convince far-flung sales, marketing or other divisions that they should participate in your Web site initiative, this Case Study is absolutely worth reading.) continue...
Posted: Sep 25, 2001
Case Study #CS22788:

How to Land New PR Clients

Summary: If you're in PR you know that 2001 has been a rotten year for new client development for almost everyone.

Agencies of all sizes are laying people off, lowering prices, and scrambling to keep clients.  Learn how one boutique agency is growing (and stealing clients from the big boys) despite it all. continue...
Posted: Sep 20, 2001
Case Study #CS22786:

Marketing Secrets of a Profitable, Multimillion Dollar eretailer You Probably Never Heard of

Summary: Some mainstream marketers don't take DRTV (direct response television) advertisers very seriously, because infomercials and QVC plugs can seem kind of chintzy compared to a glamorous Madison Avenue branding campaign.

But, at $2 billion a year, the DRTV industry is bigger than you may think. Plus DRTV marketers are very, very good at measuring results and learning exactly what works and what doesn't, because they don't have the luxury of big branding budgets -- every single dollar they spend has to make a profit. This Case Study reveals what you can learn from the #1 best of them online.  It's a must-read for everyone marketing to consumers online (ESPECIALLY the banner test results!!!) continue...
Posted: Sep 20, 2001
Case Study #CS22782: Almost Triples Ad Sales While Growing Paid Online Subscribers

Summary: This Case study falls under the heading of "kids don't try this at home" because mixing the ad sales and subscriber-only content business models online is something that only a very few, exceptionally well branded and positioned publications can manage. Also, unless you have fresh, must-read, editorial on a daily basis, or an unusually strong direct marketer on staff, free trials are also risky. That said, enjoy! (What could be more fun than the entertainment biz daily?) continue...
Posted: Sep 19, 2001
Case Study #CS21338:

Honda Motor Europe Reaches Millions with a Viral, Rich Media Email Campaign

Summary: In this classic viral marketing Case Study, hear how Honda popped a video online, sent 500 (yes only 500) people emails about it, and then sat back and watched tens of thousands visit its site. (Warning kids: do not try this at home without adult supervision.) continue...
Posted: Sep 08, 2001
Case Study #CS22773: Grows Online Sales 50% by Revising its Landing Page Design

Summary: Learn how grew sales by 50% after completely redesigning the landing page that visitors click through to. continue...
Posted: Sep 04, 2001
Case Study #CS22766:

Seattle Lab Raises Sales 44% by Email Marketing to IT Professionals

Summary: Like many high tech firms, Seattle Lab used to be run by engineers. Which meant that the Lab's marketing was pretty much non-existent. Still they did all right because they developed quality software products, and had a solid in-house sales team of five hard-working reps. But you can only grow so far without solid marketing behind you. So they hired direct response marketer, Heather Fairchild.

In less than nine months she's revamped their marketing database, launched a customer communication email program, tested dozens of email rental lists, and made Seattle Lab's resellers very, very happy. This is a great Case Study if you are looking for ideas to steal that are cost-effective and responsible about ROI. continue...
Posted: Aug 21, 2001
Case Study #CS22765:

Agency Gets New Accounts More Quickly with Personalized Online Presentations

Summary: If you support sales reps in the field for any type of product or service, you'll definitely want to read this quick Case Study. Raeann Van Arsdall, Account Exec for Oregon-based Edge design advertising, needed a way to close new client sales more effectively and quickly. She used to do the regular business development thing -- getting an initial face-to-face meeting, and then having her design team put together a presentation CD ROM or printed portfolio relating to that sales lead's interests. Then she'd have it messengered over and follow-up by phone or email a week or two later. Then an in-house engineer helped her invent a much better way to follow-up on personal sales calls. continue...
Posted: Aug 20, 2001

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