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Case Studies: 1509 and counting...

Case Study #CS23287:

How Tweaking a Business Web Site's Design Can Increase the Sales Leads it Generates by 60%

Summary: If you agonize over your company's Web site lay-out, you will love this Case Study because it includes before-and-after screenshots showing how to change home page and registration form can improve results.

Plus, if you wonder how asking many questions versus few on a registration form affects the number of people who will fill out your form, this Case Study has an answer for you. continue...
Posted: Jun 10, 2003
Case Study #CS23282:

How to Make a Niche Community Site Profitable; Plus 4 Ways to Market CD ROMs to Your Members

Summary: If you market to mothers of young children, you will find some fascinating insights into the demographic in this story.

Also, if you have ever dreamed of quitting your corporate job and starting your own online publishing company for profit, you will be inspired by this story of a husband and wife team who are living the entrepreneurial life-style in Austin Texas.

P.S: Be sure to click on the link to creative samples at the end of Case Study, because their clean design is really lovely. continue...
Posted: Jun 04, 2003
Case Study #CS23281:

Vary Email Creative by Region for Higher Response

Summary: At long last, we got someone besides a travel company, to go on the record saying that different offers and creative work better in different parts of the US.
Pamela Hoffman at Ajilon discovered strong regional biases quite by accident when she created an email campaign template library for her company's 100+ regional sales offices. Turns out account reps in and clients in California liked very different campaigns than the Midwest, or Northeast. continue...
Posted: Jun 03, 2003
Case Study #CS23286:

How to Target Asian Americans Through Integrated Online/Offline Marketing

Summary: Ever wondered what it is like to market a Broadway show? Here is a fascinating behind-the-scenes story, including results.
This is a must-read if you are involved in grassroots community-based efforts, or you are hoping to learn more about how to approach the Asian American demographic. continue...
Posted: Jun 02, 2003
Case Study #CS23275:

How to Collect More Email Names for Your List by Asking Brick-and-Mortar Customers for Them Offline

Summary: Find out how a NY hotel chain went from having email addresses for just 3% of their customers to getting emails from 30%.

Includes invaluable tips on how to persuade people who say, "I get too much mail already," and how to get around the whole handwriting problem (handwritten email addresses are so hard to decipher they can be almost worthless). continue...
Posted: May 19, 2003
Case Study #CS23264:

How to Create a Series of Automated Follow-Up Emails to Convert Average Sales Leads into Hot Leads

Summary: This inspirational new Case Study features details on how a marketing department slammed by staffing cuts created a new automated email campaign that helped sales turn around.

Includes a useful step-by-step calendar of which messages go out when, plus absolutely fascinating data on how offline marketing budget cuts can directly affect the cost of sales lead acquisition costs for email marketing. Yes, offline does affect online! continue...
Posted: May 13, 2003
Case Study #CS23262:

How to Improve eretail Partner Sales Without Cannibalizing Your Own Online Sales

Summary: Do you sell products through major eretailers? Learn how
electronics manufacturer D-Link changed their site design to
funnel more visitors to shop on partner sites.

Plus, hear how they used back-end reports on their partner's
inventory, pricing and conversion rates to twist arms so partners performed better. Very useful data. continue...
Posted: May 07, 2003
Case Study #CS23260:

Business ecommerce on a Tiny Marketing Budget: How Flourishes

Summary: Do you have to reach a broad-based business audience with your
marketing efforts?'s Asad Haroon reveals how he
manages to bring in $40 million in annual auction sales with a
tiny budget by focusing on the metrics that matter.

Includes ideas to improve your PR, search marketing, email
newsletters, and print ads. continue...
Posted: May 06, 2003
Case Study #CS23256:

How to Succeed by Turning Down Banner Ads -- RetailWire's Unusual Content & Sponsorship Model

Summary: This Case Study is a must-read for everyone involved in trade or business news publishing. You will learn how three entrepreneurs invented a new kind of info service that their readers and their advertisers love. It does involve getting up at an insanely early hour of the morning though. (That is a theme for this week's issue of SherpaWeekly!) continue...
Posted: May 01, 2003
Case Study #CS23253:

Trial vs White Paper Offer - Results + 5 Steps to Email Campaign Success

Summary: If you market software, or to the educational marketplace,
definitely check out this Case Study. Our favorite part is what
the marketer did when she had gathered a fresh list of hand
raisers who said, "Yes send me your email newsletter," but the
newsletter was not quite ready to launch yet. continue...
Posted: Apr 29, 2003

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