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Case Studies: 1410 and counting...

Case Study #CS23030:

How to Get Sales Prospects to Return to Your Site Again and Again and Again -- Try a Treasure Hunt

Summary: Experts say it takes seven contacts to convert a prospect into an actual buyer.This means you can market your brains out to get lots of traffic to your site, but unless that traffic returns repeatedly, few may ever buy anything from you. Matt Graves, Internet Marketing Manager for, tackled this problem head-on by testing an online daily sweeps campaign based (loosely) on McDonald's MONOPOLY T campaigns. Can an offline B2C tactic work for a B2B site online?Will online sweeps entries actually turn into paying customers? Find out here.(Includes lots of useful screen shots and sample email copy for your creative department.) continue...
Posted: Jul 17, 2002
Case Study #CS23032:

How to Sell Online & Ezine Ads in a Down Market

Summary: According to all the pundits, it is horribly difficult to sell advertising online right now.We were psyched when Jeff Reinhardt at Primedia Business said that his team is not having such a hard time.In fact, some of their newsletters are already sold out for the rest of 2002. What does Reinhardt do that the other online ad sales experts do not? We quizzed him for over an hour to learn his online ad sales secrets. continue...
Posted: Jul 16, 2002
Case Study #CS23034:

How to Create an Email Newsletter Your Customers Love -- Tips and Tactics from Taco Talk

Summary: Even if you are not in charge of your company's email newsletters, you should click through to read this Case Study because the sample issue we have got for you is really fun. It is summertime so you deserve some fun right now. Plus, there is some fascinating data on how sending an occasional email alert can raise sales. In this case, the restaurant owner profiled emails customers a secret password for free chips and salsa good-that-day-only on really bad weather days. Boy, does it bring customers in! continue...
Posted: Jul 11, 2002
Case Study #CS23029:

Sales Lead Generation Email Test -- Do Short Registration Forms Really Work Better Than Long Forms?

Summary: Seems like business marketers and sales reps have wrangled over this debate for years now: How long should an online sales prospect registration form be? Of course sales reps want that form to be 97 questions long in order to pre-qualify the living daylights out of every prospect.On the other hand marketers want that form to be as short as possible so it does not scare away legitimate prospects. NetLine VP Marketing Raechelle Drivon tested both last month. Get all her notes on the results, plus fascinating data on how new prospects react differently to email newsletters than established readers. continue...
Posted: Jul 10, 2002
Case Study #CS23025:

Newsletter Publisher Uses $1 Teleseminar Offer to Sell $19.95 Monthly Auto-Renew Subscriptions

Summary: Like most direct (postal) mail marketers Book Marketing Update's Publisher Bill Harrison says response rates have been falling for a few years now. This January he got fed up with losing money on new customer acquisition mailings, and invented a radical new marketing campaign. Instead of asking for $200-300 for an annual print subscription, he asked for just $1 for a telemarketing seminar. There was a catch, after 30 days all attendees would be charged $19.95 per month for a PDF newsletter subscription until they cancelled. Hear how it turned out (hint: incredibly profitably). continue...
Posted: Jul 09, 2002
Case Study #CS23024:

Are First Time Visitors Confused by Your Site Navigation? Measure Satisfaction with ACSI Metrics

Summary: When the US Federal Government's #1 public Web site, FirstGov, surveyed visitors this spring, it learned that first timers have a vastly more negative experience trying to find their way around than repeat visitors do. Which made us wonder, if you are spending lots of money trying to drive new traffic to your site, are your new visitors really appreciating what you have to offer?Check out this Case Study to learn how to study satisfaction and compare it to offline metrics. (Includes cool data on Yahoo, AOL and MSN visitor satisfaction.) continue...
Posted: Jun 27, 2002
Case Study #CS23019:

How Grew Visitor Sales by 50% Over the Past Year

Summary: "Over the last year we improved the conversion rate by 50%. No one thing has been a big 'Ta-da!' Millions of little things contribute. The next thing you know, your conversion's moving North," says CARFAX VP Marketing Scott Fredericks. Check out this Case Study to learn which of CARFAX's "millions of little things" are tactics you may be able to copy.Plus, also includes tips on maximizing affiliate and partner relations. (Have you considered doubling your commission to partners?) continue...
Posted: Jun 26, 2002
Case Study #CS23020:

How to Use Autoresponder Emails to Turn Sales Leads Into Profitable Accounts

Summary: Autoresponder email series are a tactic smaller and entrepreneurial companies have been using with big sales impact for years, and only now the rest of corporate America is catching on. This Case Study includes tips on how to get more sales leads to sign up for your autoresponder series, and how to avoid the biggest mistake most marketers make when creating a series. Plus, we are enchanted by the fact that company profiled gets their best sales affiliates with a clever telemarketing campaign. Classic offline tactic makes online success possible.Gotta love it! continue...
Posted: Jun 25, 2002
Case Study #CS23018:

Local Retail Chain Doubles Sales Online -- The Story of Bare Necessities

Summary: When Bare Necessities, a small Northeastern chain of lingerie stores, decided to go national online, they broke all the dot-com rules.No ads in major media, no innovative site design, and absolutely no promotional efforts for Valentine's Day. Hear how they succeeded despite, or perhaps because of, their unique approach. Highly recommended for marketers trying to integrate both online and offline marketing campaigns.(We love their idea about adding "as seen in" magazine pics to the site.) BTW: This Case Study features an invaluable rule for every Web site that advertises on the radio: Read it and obey. continue...
Posted: Jun 20, 2002
Case Study #CS23013:

Failure! The Story of an Online B-to-B Marketing Test That Bombed

Summary: Last Wednesday a business-to-business marketer in the Chicago area had a brainwave to sales lead generation from a Web site. Thursday the Web designer redid his site to take advantage of the big new idea. Friday results began to pour in. Or rather, not. Ouch.If you have ever had a marketing idea that was so great it just had to raise sales (only it did not), or if you are struggling with ways to improve sales lead generation from your company's site, this is the Case Study for you.Enjoy! continue...
Posted: Jun 18, 2002

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