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Case Studies: 1436 and counting...

Case Study #CS23102:

How a New Loyalty Program Raised Sales 30% for a Florida Retail and Restaurant Group (in August!)

Summary: It is August 2002. It is Florida. The economy stinks. Nobody's
sales go up except for the guy selling air conditioning, and
Michael's Gourmet Group.

How did he do it? A new customer loyalty program, complete with
email newsletter takes the credit. Best of all, Michael Klauber
says his admin and marketing staff workload went down as a result. continue...
Posted: Oct 11, 2002
Case Study #CS23094:

How to Make Money in Directory Publishing Online -- KnowledgeStorm's Evolving Business Model

Summary: If you are trying to get people to register at your Web site, or
your site's success relies on visitors using your "search" box,
definitely read this Case Study because it includes "before" and
"after" registration forms (from a redesign that made a big
difference in conversions) and a link to research data on how Web
visitors use "search."

Oh, and if you are in the directory publishing business, obviously
this one is for you. (By the way, at six pages this Case Study is a
bit longer than our usual ones. We suggest you print it out to
read.) continue...
Posted: Oct 09, 2002
Case Study #CS23093:

Email Marketing + Online Quiz Convert Business Execs into Eager Sales Prospects

Summary: Are you trying to generate new business sales leads? Check out this Case Study on a professional training company that used a combo of email marketing, plus an online quiz to drive qualified prospects to their site and get them to register.

Includes some best practices in registration form design you can use to improve your own online form's results. continue...
Posted: Oct 08, 2002
Case Study #CS23091:

When Over a Million Play Radio Shack's Online Game, Toy Sales Soar

Summary: When Radio Shack's John Dennie got a chance to partner with Nickelodeon to launch a new toy, he was psyched, but worried. Nickelodeon's movie launch timing meant that Dennie's accompanying campaign had to go out in fourth quarter, which is the hardest time of year to break through the clutter in toy ads.

Hear how Dennie mixed a wide variety of online and offline media (everything from magazine print ads to a Web-based game) to create a campaign so powerful that the toy in question SOLD OUT. continue...
Posted: Oct 04, 2002
Case Study #CS23088:

Fierce Markets: The Story of a Profitable Ad-Based Email Newsletter Publisher

Summary: Launch an ad-based publication in mid-2001? Was Jeff Giesea out of his
mind? Not out of his mind, but onto something. By focusing on high-quality
editorial, he was able to attract valuable readers, and where the readers
are the advertisers will be.

Now his first publication, FierceWireless is sold out two months
in advance. Read about Giesea's "virtuous circle" of content publishing,
and what he learned along the way, on the path to profitability. continue...
Posted: Oct 02, 2002
Case Study #CS23085:

Clif Bar Defies Typical Online CPG Strategies to Deliver Personalized Customer Service

Summary: Stephen Houghton wanted to extend customer service for Clif Bar to the Web without sacrificing customer intimacy. "The online initiative was never, and will never be about turning visitors into sales," says Houghton.
"We just want to generate excitement about the brand. It sounds hokey but from the employees to the consumers, we're a family, and we want to treat people the way we want to be treated. "

Houghton delivered personalized customer service that kept his homey brand in tact. Read to see how their viral New Year's Resolution campaign exceeded their most optimistic forecasts by 10 times. continue...
Posted: Sep 26, 2002
Case Study #CS23079:

How Hoover's Raised Site License Sales by 18%

Summary: Last summer when it seemed like every Web site on earth was adopting the subscription business model, online subscription pioneer Hoover's stopped offering them.

Instead they decided to focus on selling $1,995 and up site licenses to small and mid-sized businesses. "Why not to the Global 2000?" we asked. Find out the answer in the Case Study below.

Plus, if you are a B2B marketer for another industry, we recommend you read this Case Study because there's some great advice about why you should never rely solely on Web-site forms to generate leads because the telephone still rules the day continue...
Posted: Sep 25, 2002
Case Study #CS23078:

High Tech Firm Tests 3 Banners to Reach CEOs Online

Summary: When Louisa Williams started her new job as the Global Marketing Director for Melbourne-based RedSheriff in late May, her boss gave her one big primary goal: Feed the new US sales team lots of hot C-level sales leads.

She decided to test just one site,, but to test lots of various placements within Forbes and its email newsletters to learn which would get the most clicks. She also tested three different Flash ad creatives. continue...
Posted: Sep 25, 2002
Case Study #CS23083:

How to Sell Soup Online with Free Samples

Summary: Web marketer Leslie Eiser's co-workers used to make fun of her
efforts. "Leslie's Yard Sale," they called the f*ree sample offers
she plugged on soup manufacturer E.D. Food's site.

Then they learned her "little" campaign was directly responsible
for $750,000 in direct-to-consumer sales. Guess who's smiling now?
This is a fun Case Study for any marketer who believed in the Web
when others around them did not. Plus, if you ever wondered if it
was possible to sell soup online, well read on. continue...
Posted: Sep 20, 2002
Case Study #CS23075:

Ticket City Measures Print Newspaper vs Ezine Ads

Summary: And they both won! Print newspapers brought in the sheer volume of new customers the Company needed to grow, while email newsletters brought in the most cost effective (by far) new sales. Learn how direct merchant Ticket City has adjusted its advertising budget from offline to online. Plus, hear how the Company measures sales by the channel that initially triggered the sale (as opposed to the channel it ultimately came in on). continue...
Posted: Sep 12, 2002

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