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Case Studies: 1375 and counting...

Case Study #CS22932:

Summary: When Yogesh Tadwalker was asked to create a banner campaign that would get loads of clicks from India's teens, he was worried a banner wouldn't work. He explains, "Banners don't hold any novelty or interest value, especially for experienced users. Despite variations in sizes offered, colors used, and the animation effects created, many banners end up being blind spots." So he decided to try something new -- a banner that appeared to be an actual live instant messaging conversation between two teens.  (Yes, this Case Study includes a sample of this unusual banner, and the cleverly-written script used.) continue...
Posted: Mar 28, 2002
Case Study #CS22931:

Minute Maid Tests an Integrated Online/Offline Product Launch Campaign

Summary: Like many large consumer packaged good companies, The Minute Maid Company was not a notably early adopter to the Web.  However, last year when Group Brand Manager Bobby Patton had to launch a new chilled product, Simply Orange Juice, he decided to try something that put Minute Maid at the forefront of online marketing innovation -- he got everybody in a room to plan the launch campaign. That is everybody as in really, honest-to-god, everybody. Does it really make a difference to your bottom line when you get your online and offline advertising, branding and PR folks to work together from the very start?  Oh yes it does!  Hear how: continue...
Posted: Mar 28, 2002
Case Study #CS22929:

The Challenges and Rewards of Publishing a Local Email Newsletter for Profit

Summary: If you have ever dreamed of working from home, writing your own little email newsletter for fun and profit, this is the Case Study for you. Plus, even larger publishers will find the results interesting -- because it reveals that while ad sales are getting easier, gaining opt-in subscribers is getting harder. Is this a trend you are noticing too? continue...
Posted: Mar 27, 2002
Case Study #CS22927:

How Boise Office Solutions Sold $760 Million via ecommerce in 2001

Summary: As David Goudge, Boise's Sr. VP Marketing, tells it, "In 1995, NASA told our sales rep, 'You need to start taking orders over the Internet - can you do that?' Of course the rep says, 'Sure!' Then the rep came running back in to us, 'Does anybody know what the Internet is?'" Since those early days, Boise has shifted 30.4% of its sales from traditional channels such as ordering through telephone, fax and sales reps, to ecommerce.  In this Case Study Goudge shares useful background notes on how one of the biggest online players, got that way, even though their online ads did not work! continue...
Posted: Mar 26, 2002
Case Study #CS22926:

Restaurant Email Loyalty Program Brings in Bigger Spending Diners

Summary: This Case Study contains some helpful tips for anyone conducting a loyalty campaign via email, whether you are marketing a restaurant or not. Our favorite idea from it is the "thank you for staying on our list" campaign sent after a customer's first year. It is hard enough these days to get folks to opt-in for stuff, and open your email. Why not thank them (and profit while you are doing it). Includes links to creative samples that might inspire you. continue...
Posted: Mar 21, 2002
Case Study #CS22923:

Two Ways to Use Email Newsletters to Support Field Sales Reps

Summary: After industry consolidation, Marsh McBirney is one of the last remaining independent manufacturers in an industry containing some of the biggest corporations in the world. To compete on this uneven playing field, they launched two email newsletters -- one for sales reps and one for prospects. A useful read for anyone doing a newsletter to support sales. Also -- this Case Study contains a sample of a privacy policy that's written in a warm, benefit-oriented way to explain that sales leads will be shared with outside field reps.  If you're in charge of your company's privacy policy, it's worth glancing over for ideas. continue...
Posted: Mar 19, 2002
Case Study #CS22922:

TechTarget -- Print Newsletter Spin-Off Site Becomes Fastest Growing Ad-Based IT Media Site Online

Summary: In 2001, when news sites targeting IT professionals were all losing ad sales, one site grew already-healthy revenues by 140%. We interviewed TechTarget's CEO to get the full details about how his team pulled it off.  He said his print newsletter background was what really made the difference. This is a fascinating Case Study for anyone who publishes an ad-based content site, and for marketers who are reaching out to IT professionals online. continue...
Posted: Mar 19, 2002
Case Study #CS22921:

Palm Launches New Product with 5-Step Email Campaign

Summary: When Palm launched their latest handheld this January, the product was six months behind schedule. Rather than using their tried-and-true launch tactics, they decided to test a completely new idea -- 100% online launch campaign. This Case Study includes lots of creative samples to inspire you. Also, if you are a database-driven marketer, or a direct response specialist, you will definitely find it worth your while. Last but not least - eretailers (and your inbound call center) will want to learn the results from Palm's email direct offer tests. continue...
Posted: Mar 14, 2002
Case Study #CS22920:

Mixing Direct Mail and Email Improves Marketing Results by 27%

Summary: For years now, big business executives have hoped electronic networks and extranets would save them money in dealing with thousands of vendors, partners, and resellers. But for the same reason that most of the much-trumpeted online exchanges and B-to-B marketplaces of 1999 died on the vine, this hope doesn't always flower into reality. The companies you do business with may not want to move online. This Case Study reveals the details of a four-part integrated online/offline marketing communications campaign that has helped big companies including Fleet and Fairchild Semiconductor convince their vendors to move online. continue...
Posted: Mar 12, 2002
Case Study #CS22919:

Weekly World News Raises Newsstand Sales 15% with Web Site Publicity Stunt

Summary: Late this January Kevin Hyson, Chief Marketing Officer American Media, Publishers of the tabloid Weekly World News, was kicking around ideas with his team one afternoon trying to brainstorm up ways to bump up newsstand sales for their upcoming special double issue. New Media Producer Will Ackerman suddenly remembered a cover humor magazine National Lampoon once ran showing a gun to the head of a sad-looking dog with the headline, "Buy this magazine or we'll shoot this dog." Inspired he said, "If we do something controversial online like that, it's gonna get noticed." If you saw the Wall Street Journal's article about the crazy online publicity stunt Weekly World News tried, you will definitely want to learn the campaign's results in this exclusive Case Study.  Plus if you had not heard about this stunt before, click here for a good chuckle: continue...
Posted: Mar 12, 2002

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