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Case Studies: 1429 and counting...

Case Study #CS23078:

High Tech Firm Tests 3 Banners to Reach CEOs Online

Summary: When Louisa Williams started her new job as the Global Marketing Director for Melbourne-based RedSheriff in late May, her boss gave her one big primary goal: Feed the new US sales team lots of hot C-level sales leads.

She decided to test just one site,, but to test lots of various placements within Forbes and its email newsletters to learn which would get the most clicks. She also tested three different Flash ad creatives. continue...
Posted: Sep 25, 2002
Case Study #CS23083:

How to Sell Soup Online with Free Samples

Summary: Web marketer Leslie Eiser's co-workers used to make fun of her
efforts. "Leslie's Yard Sale," they called the f*ree sample offers
she plugged on soup manufacturer E.D. Food's site.

Then they learned her "little" campaign was directly responsible
for $750,000 in direct-to-consumer sales. Guess who's smiling now?
This is a fun Case Study for any marketer who believed in the Web
when others around them did not. Plus, if you ever wondered if it
was possible to sell soup online, well read on. continue...
Posted: Sep 20, 2002
Case Study #CS23075:

Ticket City Measures Print Newspaper vs Ezine Ads

Summary: And they both won! Print newspapers brought in the sheer volume of new customers the Company needed to grow, while email newsletters brought in the most cost effective (by far) new sales. Learn how direct merchant Ticket City has adjusted its advertising budget from offline to online. Plus, hear how the Company measures sales by the channel that initially triggered the sale (as opposed to the channel it ultimately came in on). continue...
Posted: Sep 12, 2002
Case Study #CS23069:

Xerox Tests Three Online Sales Lead Generation Tactics -- Sweeps vs. Game vs. Product Info

Summary: We think you will find this Case Study useful for two reasons. First you will learn which offer worked best for Xerox's online ads: a sweepstakes offer, an interactive game, or product info. (Yes, the results were surprising.)

Plus, if you have ever wondered how to measure the success and costs of online campaigns, Xerox's Barbara Basney is definitely a role model to consider following. "It isn't about click throughs," she told us, "I really don't care about that." What is it about? Here is where to find out. continue...
Posted: Sep 10, 2002
Case Study #CS23068: Tests Paid Content Sales, Here's What They Learned

Summary: Over the past 11 months, has launched almost 30
different paid "Premium Products" such as 'Glory Days of Baseball.'
Now they reveal what they've learned, including:
- Overall sales figures for Jan-June 2002
- Which additional e-content formats buyers requested
- How price increases affected sales (surprise) continue...
Posted: Sep 09, 2002
Case Study #CS23067:

Shoe Store Uses Emailed Postcards to Raise Sales Dramatically (Fun Creative Samples Included)

Summary: Email marketing made easy. Hear how a shoe store in Scotland uses very simple email postcards to get local customers to drop by, and customers around the world to phone in with orders. Yes, we include two sample postcards with this Case Study so you can steal ideas. Our favorite is "Hello Sailor." continue...
Posted: Sep 06, 2002
Case Study #CS23065:

How a $35 Book Web Site Upsells Visitors to $835 Teleseminars

Summary: Even if you are not involved in the content business, you may find this Case Study useful because it includes tips on how to plant sales notes on online discussion groups your marketplace visits.

Plus, how can you not admire the sheer chutzpah of a guy who pops up an almost-home-made Web site to market a $35 book, and ends up selling literally millions in teleseminar tickets through it? continue...
Posted: Sep 04, 2002
Case Study #CS23060: Profits with Affiliates in Two Directions (Inbound and Outbound)

Summary: Have you ever heard of using affiliates to help you sell paid ads? Neither had we until we met Steven Rothberg, Publisher of the profitable site

Rothberg's story is inspirational for everyone who dreams of being an Internet entrepreneur. Our Case Study details how he got started, clever no-cost tactics he uses to get loads of traffic from search engines, how text-heavy site design that works better than slicker "clean" sites, and of course lots of details onselling through affiliates. continue...
Posted: Aug 21, 2002
Case Study #CS23058:

How to Make Really Expensive Direct Mail Campaigns Pay Off -- 5 Tips on Dimensional Mailings

Summary: How do you get hundreds of high-level execs working for the world's biggest companies to agree to meet with your sales rep? Jill Snyder, VP Corporate Marketing Aprimo Inc, decided to invest in a dimensional campaign where she sent a box with a gift to each exec.

If you havve ever considered a similar campaign, check out this Case Study for useful tips on:
- How to choose the right gift
- How to build the perfect mailing list
- Using the Web as part of the campaign
- Follow-up telemarketing
- How email surveys can improve your sales reps' feedback
Includes a photo of a gift box campaign, and a sample of a sales rep email survey feedback form. continue...
Posted: Aug 20, 2002
Case Study #CS23062:

National Retail Chain Asks Franchise Owners to Test Local Email Newsletters -- 3 Success Stories

Summary: Although Wild Birds Unlimited's corporate headquarters had been
publishing an email newsletter with some success since 1996, when
Director of Communications Marty Bird tried to interest the
Company's 292 local franchise owners in doing their own
newsletters, he did not have much luck at first.

(We will bet a lot of marketing consultants and ad agencies have the
same problem with their clients.)

This Case Study details the methods Bird used to convert franchise
owners into email publishers. Three brief success stories on the
local level, and samples of the letters are also included. continue...
Posted: Aug 15, 2002

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