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Case Studies: 1391 and counting...

Case Study #CS22973: Tests Paid Subscriptions Online

Summary: Last summer switched from being a free portal-style site giving away encyclopedia entries, to becoming a paid subscription site.

Want to hear how it all worked out? In this Case Study we outline's subscription sales tactics and results. Most interesting, their recent price test results. continue...
Posted: May 14, 2002
Case Study #CS22967:

Why Content Price Testing is Really, Really Smart (How to Profit by Selling Single Articles Online)

Summary: Even if you are not in the publishing industry, if you are selling anything online you may pick up an idea or two from this Case Study, which features lots of tactics an entrepreneur used to raise site sales conversion rates from blah to extraordinary. Entrepreneur Don Crowther tested pricing, adding graphics, and classic direct response copywriting to get visitors to purchase articles on PR at his site Plus he also gives a useful tip on copywriting Overture ads for a higher sales conversion rate. continue...
Posted: May 08, 2002
Case Study #CS22966:

How to Switch from Direct Mail to Emailed Sales Lead Generation Campaigns

Summary: When Linda Visintin's first email marketing test bombed (less than a 1% response rate to a free offer - ouch), she did not give up.Instead she kept on testing until she had a winning email marketing formula that works so well that other marketers would do well to steal ideas from it. Our favorite idea from this Case Study is that of putting the lead generation form in the actual email itself, so prospects do not have to click through to a landing page to respond. Apparently it is pretty easy too. continue...
Posted: May 07, 2002
Case Study #CS22965:

How BabyCenter Gets 60% of Online Store Sales from Registered Members

Summary: Remember two years ago when personalization was all the buzz among major eretailers? The thought was if you could personalize your site so it was tailored as much as possible to each unique visitor, you would increase sales. BabyCenter actually went forward with a personalization project. What is interesting is how it affects their email newsletters. Each registered member gets two different newsletters, one slightly personalized, one dramatically personalized. Guess which one makes more sales? continue...
Posted: May 02, 2002
Case Study #CS22959:

B2B Marketer Gets High Ticket Sales Leads from a Cheap B2C Publicity Web Site

Summary: When Nathan Rudyk joined business software firm Databeacon as VP Marketing, the first thing he did was to yank down their old Web site (which had been so awful that he called it "marketing suicide") and put up a highly professional new site. While having a great corporate Web site is important for impressing prospects and customers, it is not always the most effective way to generate a heck of a lot of sales leads. With the help of three part-time student interns, Rudyk tossed up a fun consumer site as a quick publicity stunt.Can you get qualified sales leads for expensive business products from a cheap consumer publicity site?Yes you can! continue...
Posted: Apr 30, 2002
Case Study #CS22958:

3-Tiered Subscription Service Maximizes Profits for

Summary: While most online publishers are scratching their heads over how to sell more subscriptions, Eric Aafedt, CEO of has gone one step further.He is profiting from upselling current paid subscribers additional (even higher priced) subscriptions to more services. Hear how he uses a three-step approach to selling and upselling subscriptions.Includes data on the online advertising campaigns he uses to successfully prospect for new subscribers. continue...
Posted: Apr 30, 2002
Case Study #CS22957:

Online Ad Helps 'Band of Brothers' Become HBO's

Summary: When HBO's 'Band of Brothers' premiered last fall, almost 59 million viewers tuned in, making it HBO's "most watched original show" ever. How do you beat 'The Sopranos' and 'Sex in the City?'A highly compelling online advertising campaign definitely helps. This Case Study is a must-read for all fans of rich media ads. Yes, a link to a live-action sample is included. continue...
Posted: Apr 25, 2002
Case Study #CS22954:

5 Rules for Publishing an Email Newsletter That's

Summary: No summary available. continue...
Posted: Apr 23, 2002
Case Study #CS22953:

Professional News Site Switches from Free to Paid

Summary: No summary available. continue...
Posted: Apr 23, 2002
Case Study #CS22951:

Viral Marketing That Grabs Women's Attention: eCards, Newsletters, Free Email Boxes, and Petitions

Summary: If you are looking for low-cost tactics to get your current site visitors to recommend you to all of their friends, this is the Case Study for you.

Includes practical tips on how to make sure free e-card offers work (note: this is a tactic used by many sites including Oil of Olay and Singapore Airlines). We also think's offshoot marketing site is very, very clever. Read on for more details. continue...
Posted: Apr 18, 2002

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