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Case Studies: 1498 and counting...

Case Study #CS23246:

How to Get Your Distributors to Double Sales by Marketing to Their Sales Reps

Summary: If you have ever gnashed your teeth when sales reps did not pitch your product or service properly, this Case Study is for you.

You will see behind-the-scenes in the Canon vs. Xerox marketshare wars; and, how one clever marketer used a neat little binder, a fabulous Webcast, and ESPN to get Canon's sales reps to literally double sales in a target market segment. continue...
Posted: Apr 22, 2003
Case Study #CS23250:

How a Travel Site Raised Sales Conversions 30% With 26 Little Site Design Tweaks

Summary: Are you daunted by the idea of improving your company Web site so more visitors buy? You know that a few tweaks can make a world of difference, but which tweaks exactly?

This Case Study features practical step-by-step details of how studied their metrics and conducted little "tweak tests" to come up with the 26 small changes that raised conversions by 30%.

One simple change alone resulted in $250,000 more sales this quarter. Especially useful for eretailers. continue...
Posted: Apr 21, 2003
Case Study #CS23240:

Ask the Expert Feature Enthralls Business Execs Receiving Cincom's Promotional Email Newsletter

Summary: Writing an email newsletter to promote your company can be more tiring and time consuming than you expected. However, Cincom's marketer figured out a clever way to solve the problem.

He added an "Ask the Expert" button to Cincom's newsletter and now spends less than a single workday putting together each fortnightly issue, and gets outstanding results. Learn how you can copy this idea. continue...
Posted: Apr 15, 2003
Case Study #CS23245:

How the Boston Symphony Orchestra Mixes DM, Radio, Taxi-Tops, Web Ads, & Email to Sell More Tickets

Summary: Best idea in this Case Study: Try a postal (snail) mail campaign to get your current offline customers to order online. Works like a charm. The BSO now sells 35% of tickets online.

Also includes useful email and online advertising tips, and loads of fun creative samples, such as a moving "taxi-topper" ad. continue...
Posted: Apr 14, 2003
Case Study #CS23235:

Allrecipes Uses Metrics Tracking to Increase Ad Sales 40%

Summary: Are your Web site metrics reports either so "lite" or so vastly detailed that they are close to useless? Get inspired by this Case Study of a site that improved their metrics and as a result grew visitor satisfaction and ad sales to big famous CPGs. continue...
Posted: Apr 10, 2003
Case Study #CS23236:

How to Create a Viral Email Campaign That Circles the Globe in 15 Minutes (Sample Included)

Summary: It is the little email postcard that could! Hear what LifeWay Christian Resources learned when they tested a viral campaign to promote a new bible studies course.

You can use this step-by-step Case Study as a practical guide to create your own campaign. There are loads of details on tactics such as how to pick the right lists to send your "seed" invite to. Includes a sample of the card that circled the globe. continue...
Posted: Apr 09, 2003
Case Study #CS23234:

Manufacturer Tests Launching 3 Different Sites & PPC Ads to Improve Circuit Board Sales

Summary: No matter what industry you are in, if you are a B2B marketer you will find a stealable idea in this Case Study. Includes details on online marketing tactics such as:

- Why three niche Web sites are better than one big one
- Making quoted pricing access "instant"
- How to beat pricing wars online
- Offering multiple quote-path choices
- Quarterly "what went wrong" email to non-buyers

Plus, we especially enjoyed the PPC search marketing tips. continue...
Posted: Apr 09, 2003
Case Study #CS23232:

How Profits by Selling 3rd Party Subscriptions and Online Advertising

Summary: If you are doing any email newsletters or broadcast marketing, definitely scroll down to the results section of this Case Study to get some fascinating data on what works for

Also, of course if you are selling online ads or subscriptions, or even financial services, this Case Study is for you. continue...
Posted: Apr 03, 2003
Case Study #CS23228:

How to Get Fortune 500 Clients to Evangelize with Press, Analysts & Sales Prospects on Your Behalf

Summary: This is a very fun Case Study, especially the sample creative pieces. You will learn how a software company persuaded executives from some of the largest companies in the world to serve as advocates.

If you have ever tried to get a client to agree to give a testimonial, a quote for a press release, a speech at a trade show about you, to enter you for awards, or even to let you write a detailed Case Study about them, read this story now. continue...
Posted: Apr 01, 2003
Case Study #CS23227:

Six E-Retail Survival Tips for Low-Margin Markets: How Has Profited for 13 Years

Summary: CDconnection only clears $3-$5 per buyer, so they have to be very careful about budgeting acquisitions campaigns, and use every trick in the book to increase conversions.

This Case Study includes tips on how to find out why shoppers do not turn into customers (and fix it), and how to recognize different shopping traffic patterns. continue...
Posted: Mar 30, 2003

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