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Case Studies: 1334 and counting...

Case Study #CS22833:

Reader's Digest Grows Online Sales by Adding a Console-Style Pre-Home Page

Summary: Does your company's Web site home page contain a lot of elements, such as a lengthy navigation bar, and lots of clickthrough options?  Then, you definitely need to check out this Case Study. When Reader's Digest relaunched their Web site this Spring, it had a jam-packed home page, with links to articles, its store, customer service, corporate information, etc.  Andrew Bein, the site's General Manager, began to wonder if there was a way to make the home page a more effective sales and customer service tool -- so he tested a radical new "console" design. continue...
Posted: Nov 15, 2001
Case Study #CS22827:

Teens Send 25 Million Messages to Warner Bros. Records Instant Messaging Ad Campaign

Summary: Back in the summer of 1987, music industry marketers turned an unknown teenager named Tiffany into a top selling star by going to where the teens were -- shopping malls.

14 summers later, Betty Lin, a marketer at Warner Bros. Records (WBR), had the exact same challenge. WBR had just signed a completely unknown 14 year old girl singer and Lin had to make her so famous before her first album came out, that it would sell like hotcakes. continue...
Posted: Nov 08, 2001
Case Study #CS22826:

Windows XP Chops 1/2 Hour Webcast into Six Smaller Pieces for Greater Success

Summary: Before Windows XP launched, David O'Hara, Head of Developer Evangelism for Windows XP, needed to get thousands of software developers and IT pros involved in creating programs to run on it. So, he had product reps flying around the world giving in-person demonstrations. But in-person demos are inefficient when you've got to reach a heck of a lot of people in a short time period. Click on the link below to learn about the unusual mini-Webcast solution invented to solve Window's problem. continue...
Posted: Nov 06, 2001
Case Study #CS22820:

Behind-the-Scenes at a Profitable Email Newsletter Publisher (Trade Magazines, Watch Out!)

Summary: Although Rich Ord, CEO iEntry, believes in Internet-style rapid growth, he also believes in quick profitability. When he founded the Company in January 1999 he had a rule: it had to be profitable from day one. Today his company publishes dozens of email newsletters which are sent to millions of subscribers.  And, yes, it's been profitable every single month (even during the downturn.) To hear the inside story of how to succeed in newsletter publishing, go to. continue...
Posted: Nov 02, 2001
Case Study #CS22821:

How to Translate a TV Ad into an Online Promotion

Summary: Starting with a SuperBowl ad in 2000, has invested millions in high profile TV spots mainly during NFL, NASCAR and NCAA broadcasts. Luckily it worked.  In fact, the TV ads worked so well that Director of Advertising John Kovac was given the challenge of coming up with a way to repurpose the best elements of the TV ads on the Internet. No, this is NOT a Case Study about videostreaming!  Kovac and his ad agency came up with a far more clever -- and compelling -- campaign that turned viewers into online shoppers. continue...
Posted: Nov 01, 2001
Case Study #CS22817:

Mixing Direct Mail, Web, Email, and Telemarketing to Gather

Summary: While this is a useful Case Study for B-to-B marketers who are responsible for feeding their sales force high quality leads, we also recommend that B2C marketers and ad agencies read it as well. Why?  Because it reveals test results that affect everyone who publicizes a promotional URL using offline media such as space ads, TV or direct mail. After you learn the secret, you'll probably change the way you do promotional Web addresses forever! Read on. continue...
Posted: Oct 30, 2001
Case Study #CS22815:

Adding Site Audio to Engage Young Adult Shoppers

Summary: While Flash animation, a music soundtrack, and voice-overs are generally a BAD idea for most Web sites because page load time matters more than bells and whistles, if you're trying to reach 18-25 year-olds rich media can make a big difference.  Check out this new Case Study for useful notes on how one Manhattan realtor kept apartment rentals steady in a soft market by building a cooler Web site than its competitors. Includes a link to a plain HTML site version as well, so you can compare and contrast the difference Flash and audio make. continue...
Posted: Oct 25, 2001
Case Study #CS22814:

Software Company Grows Online Sales 50% (in Just One Week) with Demographic-Focused Site Redesign

Summary: When you surf the Web looking for marketing ideas to improve your own company's site, do you go to other sites in your industry, or do you go to sites that appeal to your specific target demographic? This Case Study makes a strong argument for copying tactics from sites where your potential buyers surf -- as opposed to copying what your peers are doing online.

Read on (P.S. All you marketers outside North American will also enjoy this article because it features a Scottish marketer taking on Americans at their own game!) continue...
Posted: Oct 23, 2001
Case Study #CS22811:

How Classmates Got 1.5 Million Paid $29 Subscribers

Summary: Although Classmates was founded in 1995, by the time CEO and President Michael Schutzler joined the Company a year ago it was floundering in red ink. 

Learn how Schutzler and his band of marketers, armed with the now-famous yellow Classmates banner ad, turned everything around.

BTW: If you are designing your company's visitor registration process - this is a must-read Case Study for you! continue...
Posted: Oct 19, 2001
Case Study #CS22809:

How Click and Mortar Sur La Table Doubled Online Sales with Low-Cost Integrated Marketing

Summary: When Carly Glassmeyer accepted the job of ecommerce marketing manager for Sur La Table a year ago, the Web wasn't even remotely a top priority for the gourmet cookware retailer, which operates 22 stores across America and sends direct mail catalogs to nine million people worldwide.

For example, although the company's site, which launched in 1999, did collect opt-in email names, nobody paid any attention to the list, or even knew where it was housed. Glassmeyer says, "I had to go around and ask people. I knew the names were going somewhere, but nobody knew where." Hear how she turned Internet sales around, while getting the whole company excited and involved -- even retail store managers! continue...
Posted: Oct 18, 2001

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