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Case Studies: 1353 and counting...

Case Study #CS22889:

CQ Daily Gains $200k Subscription Sales By Switching from Print to Email Delivery

Summary: Congressional Quarterly has always been ahead of the curve in terms of publishing online.  In fact the Company makes about 50% of its revenues from online content.  However, they held back from distributing their flagship Daily newsletter via email until just six months ago. Hear what changed their minds, how they chose a digital security system, and how email trials helped them grow overall sales. continue...
Posted: Feb 01, 2002
Case Study #CS22888:

Why Orbitz

Summary: When travel site Orbitz launched just seven months ago, marketer Michael Sands had to make it a household name in no-time flat -- here's how he did it. This Case Study is especially useful reading for marketers who are purchasing (or considering purchasing) online media on a CPA or CPC basis.   Sands is a big proponent of buying banners and email lists on a "partnerships only basis."  Whether you agree or disagree with his principals, it's still fascinating reading. continue...
Posted: Jan 31, 2002
Case Study #CS22884:

Raise Offline Sales by Adding Interactive Tools for Buyers to Your Web Site

Summary: Unimast's VP Sales & Marketing Chip Gardner had a problem common to many traditional marketers: his prospects' desks were overflowing with competitors' catalogs and brochures. He needed to break through the clutter and make sure his company's products were the ones that ended up on buyer's shopping lists. Last year Gardner took a risk and diverted funds from his regular advertising budget to add new user tools on the Company Web site. Learn how it worked out: continue...
Posted: Jan 29, 2002
Case Study #CS22879:

Fantasy Football Site Mingles Ad & Subscription Sales for Profits

Summary: No summary available. continue...
Posted: Jan 25, 2002
Case Study #CS22883:

How InFocus Generates Sales Leads for Resellers, While Also Selling Direct Online

Summary: Do you have to juggle multiple sales channels? When Kathy Bankerd joined the Company as VP ecommerce in June 2000, she was given two clear-cut missions:

1. Continuously bring all company Web sites up to a higher level, driven by Best Practices, so no competitor could ever outdo them on the Web again.

2. Smoothly mix multiple sales channels -- dealer sales, third-party online store sales, and the Company's own  online direct sales -- for maximum profits, greater customer choice, and without confusing or annoying anybody. Hear how she managed to keep all the sales channels happy, and grow online revenues in a tough year.

(BTW: If you are considering launching an educational content site to generate sales leads - definitely check out this Case Study.  InFocus's really works.) continue...
Posted: Jan 22, 2002
Case Study #CS22876:

How Bankrate Kept Online Ad Revenues Steady Despite the Economy

Summary: Here's an inspirational story for everyone who's trying to sell ads online these days. When Elizabeth DeMarse joined in mid-2000, the Company was bleeding millions and then the ad sales marketplace fell apart. Hear how she turned things around. (Plus she's got a happy-ending Sept 11th story.) continue...
Posted: Jan 18, 2002
Case Study #CS22873:

La-Z-Boy to Make $5 Million Retail Sales with Interactive

Summary: If you're interested in using the Internet to drive traffic to retail stores, or if you've ever wondered if allowing customers to personalize your site really improves sales, this Case Study is for you. When La-Z-Boy's sales took a hit in the first half of 2001, they fought back hard -- by investing in an upgraded Web site. And yes, it's definitely making an impact on the bottom line. continue...
Posted: Jan 17, 2002
Case Study #CS22872:

Schwab Research Reveals Email Alert Subscribers Place Five Times More Trades

Summary: If you work for an online brokerage or bank, you'll obviously want to read this Case Study. However, it's also a really useful article for everyone who works for any type of large institution where you have multiple departments and/or marketers all sending out email to various customers. Schwab's story of how they gathered "pockets of email activity" from all over the company into one centralized department is sure to be inspirational. continue...
Posted: Jan 16, 2002
Case Study #CS22871:

How to Use an Online Quiz to Gather Qualified Business Sales Leads

Summary: Nancy Roebke of believes practically every marketer in the world should add a quiz to their Web site to gather sales leads. Learn how this tactic works. Case Study also includes notes on how ProfNet gets half a million site visitors a month with nothing more than free guerilla marketing tactics, and writing tips for successful email newsletters. Plus, find out if you make one of the three biggest mistakes business marketers typically make online today. continue...
Posted: Jan 15, 2002
Case Study #CS22865:

Email Campaign Drives 11,000+ Consumers to Offline Event

Summary: If you like clever email marketing campaigns -- or you're considering using email to drive traffic to an offline event such as a retail store grand opening, definitely check out this new Case Study. Fun fact: the agency that created the campaign predicted it would get a 25% response rate. They were wrong. It got a 35% click through rate, plus an additional 28% of recipients opted in to get further mailings. continue...
Posted: Jan 09, 2002

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