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Case Studies: 1344 and counting...

Case Study #CS22865:

Email Campaign Drives 11,000+ Consumers to Offline Event

Summary: If you like clever email marketing campaigns -- or you're considering using email to drive traffic to an offline event such as a retail store grand opening, definitely check out this new Case Study. Fun fact: the agency that created the campaign predicted it would get a 25% response rate. They were wrong. It got a 35% click through rate, plus an additional 28% of recipients opted in to get further mailings. continue...
Posted: Jan 09, 2002
Case Study #CS22863:

How to Upsell Business Services Clients with an Email Newsletter

Summary: Are you considering starting an email newsletter for your customers - or would you like some ideas to improve your newsletter's results?  Here's a new Case Study about a company in Virginia that grew their sales to large institutions by half a million dollars last year, and have already lined up significant 2002 sales, just by using a simple weekly newsletter. Most interesting: Hear about the five unique kinds of articles they include in every single issue in order to up-sell customers on more services and to keep accounts longer. continue...
Posted: Jan 08, 2002
Case Study #CS22857:

Media Life Magazine - A Profitable, Ad-Supported Content Site

Summary: "We started in May 1999, and I don't remember the rest of the year," Gene Ely Publisher Media Life Magazine says, "these things are really hard to do." In this Case Study, Ely shares some of the hard lessons he learned about how to run a profitable online publication, including how online editorial is very different from print editorial, how to hire affordable journalists who work well in an online environment, and how to sell B-to-B ads online. If you work for a trade publishing company, or you dream of launching your own content site someday, this is the Case Study for you. continue...
Posted: Dec 14, 2001
Case Study #CS22855: Hits $100 Million Profitably with Email Marketing

Summary: Utah-based discount eretailer, grossed $2 million in 1999, $39 million in 2000, and on December 6th 2000, CEO Patrick Byrne announced that it had hit profitability. A few months later, he predicted that sales for 2001 would almost triple to $100 million, while still maintaining profitability.

When new VP Marketing Debby Richman joined the company in April 2001, she had to meet this aggressive goal -- despite the rapidly slowing economy.

This Case Study, detailing how Richman now sends more than five million emails a week to her opt-in list (and the clever tactic she uses to grow that opt-in list rapidly) is one of the best we've ever done on the subject. Yes, it includes samples of Overstock's email test campaigns, and also of her device to gather opt-ins. continue...
Posted: Dec 13, 2001
Case Study #CS22847:

Online Marketing to Corporate Insurance Executives

Summary: Erik Dorsey, Marketing Manager at GRX Technologies has a very tough market to crack. He explains, "Everyone tries to sell the insurance industry because there's a lot of money there. Lots of vendors target it pretty heavily. They are inundated with letters, postcard mailers all the tricks of the trade." If you're also in a tough market, check out this Case Study to see how Dorsey used a combination of compelling site copywriting, an email newsletter and a virtual breakfast Webinar to involve high-qualified sales prospects. (Note: This Case Study is a must-read if you are trying to get more people to attend your Webinars or Web conferences.) continue...
Posted: Dec 04, 2001
Case Study #CS22845:

SearchEngineWatch - Story of a Profitable Paid Subscription Web Site

Summary: Pioneer Danny Sullivan has been selling subscriptions to his Web site and newsletter SearchEngineWatch since 1997.  Now you can discover the two big subscription-marketing secrets he tripped over in the process (yes, these secrets affect every paid subscription Web site out there.) Plus, learn how he's diversified his revenue model, and what the most profitable part of the business is now. continue...
Posted: Dec 03, 2001
Case Study #CS22843:

Bombay Sapphire Tests Online Brand Building

Summary: Although BOMBAY SAPPHIRE is famous brand of gin, parent-company Bacardi Global Brands Inc. didn't put up a public Web site for the brand until just six months ago.

Gary Chau, Global Manager for Online Marketing and ecommerce, explains, "We went through a lot of thinking . You see a lot of brochureware out there. Yes you can spend a little money and do that, but what extra value does that provide to us? We wanted to fully integrate offline into online at the end of the day." Hear how he managed to pull it off on a tight budget.  (Includes fun viral marketing campaign details.) continue...
Posted: Nov 29, 2001
Case Study #CS22842:

How a Regional Bank Grew Beyond its Boundaries by Offering Online Wealth Management Services

Summary: As Joe Rodanski, SVP Trust Operations Manager at Bank of Oklahoma puts it, "We wanted to grow. We wanted to compete with the big banks and mutual fund companies of the world." Hear how the Bank's trust team invented a new online offering that landed them major accounts from Baltimore to San Francisco. Plus, if you are in charge of bank Web site, you should check out this Case Study for design tips that make online customers happy. continue...
Posted: Nov 28, 2001
Case Study #CS22838:

B2B eretailer Grows Sales 85% by Launching Second, Complimentary Site

Summary: Almost every company says, "We listen to our customers!" but everyone knows that proclamation often has little basis in reality. So, when we met the CEO of a company that actually does listen to its customers . and lets customer comments drive everything from its Web site design to its product offerings . we had to ask him about reality. As in, "Does listening to your customers really, honestly make a big difference to your bottom line?" His answer should shake a few faux-listeners out of their complacency. continue...
Posted: Nov 28, 2001
Case Study #CS22836:

Marketing Services to Consumers Online: How Clearwater Landscapes Profits by Breaking 5 Rules

Summary: You know all those rules about online marketing, such as "respond to site visitor emails as soon as possible," and "make your newsletter sign up offer really prominent on your Web site"? We met a marketer who's profiting by breaking them on purpose. Dan Eskelson sells $700-$1500 landscape design services to consumers purely through Internet marketing. Click below to learn how he does it.(Note: This Case Study includes useful samples of autoresponder marketing messages that work, plus a great sample email newsletter that you can draw ideas from for your own company.) continue...
Posted: Nov 16, 2001

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