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Dec 30, 2009

B2B Recap for 2009: Lead Nurturing Overhaul, Social Media Strategy, SEO, and More

SUMMARY: We continue our look back at 2009. Despite the challenges brought about by the recession, marketers managed to do more with less, demonstrating resolve and creative thinking through revealing case studies, best practices and new insights.

Below, you’ll find links to five B2B articles from 2009 that show how marketers tackled their top challenges and pursued their priorities for the year, including:
o Optimizing lead nurturing campaigns to deal with a long sales cycle
o Adding social media to the marketing mix
o Improving SEO through corporate blogging
At the beginning of the year, we conducted a survey with Babcock & Jenkins that highlighted the major challenges and priorities that B2B marketers anticipated for 2009.

Top goals and concerns included:
o A greater need for lead nurturing in the face of a longer sales cycle
o Uncertainty about adding social media to the marketing mix
o Using analytics to optimize established tactics, like SEO and email
o Making the most of limited budgets and marketing resources

With the bulk of the year now behind us, we’ve seen how B2B marketers have adapted to those challenges and achieved their goals.

Here are five highlights from our 2009 B2B newsletters:

Article #1. Lead Gen Overhaul: 4 Strategies to Boost Response Rates, Reduce Cost-per-Lead

When economic conditions make it harder to generate new leads and close deals, nurturing the leads already in your pipeline becomes paramount. See how the team at Cognos used testing and analysis to revamp their lead nurturing strategy and create new, automated marketing funnels. The changes boosted campaign response rates from 0.05% to 17.5%, and reduced cost-per-lead more than 30%.

Article #2. Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation: 6 Lessons

Here’s a how-to article for marketers looking for concrete examples of the role that social media can play in a lead generation strategy. We spoke with a marketer who shared his experience using LinkedIn as a key channel in his team’s outreach efforts, and collected six lessons for what works -- and what doesn’t -- when participating in the business-focused social network.

Article #3. Reformat, Reuse, Recycle: 5 Strategies to Stretch your Marketing Content

One of the best ways to do more with a limited marketing budget is making sure the marketing content you create plays important roles in multiple channels. This how-to article offers five clever content repurposing strategies, such as creating video from text, turning speeches into podcasts, and finding new content for nurturing emails.

Article #4. Create and Manage a Team-Authored Blog: 8 Steps to Reap SEO Gains

Low-cost tactics such as SEO were supremely valuable in a year of limited resources. In this article, we outline the strategy a B2B marketing team used to create a team-authored corporate blog that delivered huge SEO benefits -- blog posts now account for more than 50% of their site’s natural search visits. Includes tips on finding authors, creating an editorial calendar, and incorporating keywords in every post.

Article #5. Combine PR, Branding, and Lead-Gen to Market Through the Recession: 6 Steps

Marketers with limited budgets faced a dilemma in 2009: Cutting back on marketing activity to save money now could put them behind the curve when the economy bounces back and prospects are ready to spend again. See how Matt Barker, Director Marketing, TeleHealth Services, stayed on course and used PR, branding campaigns and targeted email to generate warm leads for his sales team.

With the project still ongoing, we’ve asked Barker to update the results of his email outreach at MarketingSherpa’s 2010 Email Summit in January.

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