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Feb 08, 2008

How to Pitch 1to1 Magazine

SUMMARY: 60,000 senior executives turn to 1to1 Magazine for information on customer strategy and CRM initiatives. The editors’ blog is ranked in the top 20 in its field. 1to1’s editor-in-chief tells us what kind of pitches she prefers.
Contact Information
Ginger Conlon
Editor-in-Chief, Publications
1to1 Media
901 Main Ave., Suite 212
Norwalk, CT 06851

Conlon directs the daily editorial functions of 1to1 Magazine and its related newsletters. She also serves as VP Analyst Relations for the CRM Association and as a board member of ASBPE’s New York chapter.

Before joining 1to1, Conlon served as CRM magazine’s Editor-in-Chief and as Sales & Marketing Management’s Managing and Technology Editor and Web supervisor. She has edited business books and covered the photo industry.

Conlon is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, the Stanford Professional Publishing Course and the American Business Press/Northwestern University Publishing Management Institute.

Circulation and readership
- Job functions: 43% are corporate management; 41% are sales/marketing/service management; 16% are systems/operations management.
- Markets: 16.7% are involved in manufacturing, 10.2% in advertising and marketing, 9.9% in financial services, 9.6% in technology services, 7.4% in recreation and travel, 7.4% in retail and 5.9% in media and publishing.
- Employees: 16% have more than 10,000 employees, 12% have 1,000-4,999 employees, 6% have 5,000-10,000 employees, and 6% have 500-999 employees.
- Company revenues: 38% make $10-$99.9 million, 30% make $500+ million, 15% make $100-$500 million, and 17% make under $10 million.

Website has more than 150,000 active registered users. The site reaches 150,000+ unique visitors -- decision-makers looking to enhance customer relationships by focusing on establishing loyalty.

* 1to1 Weekly (63,000+ opt-in subscribers) contains sophisticated strategies, news, and best practices that help readers recognize ground-breaking consumer techniques. Subscribers also receive 1to1 Opportunities, a bi-weekly supplement of recommended content and events.

* The Marketing X factor (15,000+ subscribers) is a monthly in which the editors detail “how-to” tactics of brand building and customer engagement.

* Return on Customer is a monthly that covers advances in customer strategy and business; it is part of “1to1 Weekly.”

* Inside 1to1 Privacy is a free monthly Peppers & Rogers experts’ newsletter focusing on privacy strategies, best practices, regulations and standards.

Web 2.0 features:

You can search the Archives here:*&PUB_ID=9221

Listen to podcasts here:

Watch videos here:

Read editors’ blog here:

How to pitch

Tip #1. Be “in the know” with The Preview
Here you can find the staff’s contact information and coverage on the website:

Conlon suggests that PR and marketing professionals send releases to any staff member, who will then direct them to the right person. Please use this form:

1to1 sends out an Editorial Preview email before each issue that lists article descriptions, deadlines, and writer contact information. If you want the Preview, send Conlon an email. Editors respond to inquiries that are specifically directed to them. They don’t regard every email on equal terms, however. “If the pitch is obviously a blast, we’ll only respond if we’re interested in following up.” So, be smart and personalize.

Tip #2. Come prepared
Before pitching, find out what kind of stories the magazine’s readers prefer. “A quick look at the content on our website reveals our areas of interest. Also, I’d rather have someone call me and ask if we’re interested in hearing about X product or company than suddenly be added to a press list for something totally irrelevant.”

Tip #3. The customer is always right
The magazine focuses on the consumer. “Many PR and marketing folks unfamiliar with our content often assume that we focus on technology. In fact, we primarily focus on customer strategy and related trends and case studies, and cover technology as it supports those strategies.”

Tip #4. Have evidence
Conlon emphasizes that it’s important to be able to back up your claims. “When someone pitches a case study, it should be one that has results available and an executive from that company who is willing to be interviewed.” Agencies and vendors should have clients in mind who will talk to journalists.

Tip #5. Don’t call or send snail mail
Pitch via email -- it’s the most practical method and allows for easy forwarding of your message. Another of Conlon’s pet peeves are “rambling phone calls or voicemails that are basically read from a script.” And sending a letter is a no-no because it will only increase your chances of getting lost in the pile.

Tip #6. Be practical
If you consider your query worthy of a cover story, pitch it as a strategy that works for a predicament many companies face. Act as an editor. Ask yourself: Would this topic prove popular with the audience?

Tip #7. Think ahead
Remember the magazine’s publishing schedule of six times annually when you send your pitch. Sending it four months ahead of the issue date is preferred, so consult the editorial calendar:

Contribute to 1to1
Send your client-oriented pieces, such as tactics and theory stories aimed at intermediate-level professionals. Make sure they have a precise concentration and niche, and a clear point of view. Oh, and limit them to 1,500 words.

Meet Conlon and Other Editors
Conlon says her editorial team travels to industry events. She hosts interactive panels featuring the 1to1 Customer Champions at Customer Feedback Week; Gartner CRM Summit; Better Management Live, and the North American Conference on Customer Management. Editors will conduct vendor briefings or article interviews as schedules permit. They will meet people in their offices.

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