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Oct 01, 2004

PR Interview: How to Get Covered by Electronic Design Magazine

SUMMARY: 145,000 design engineers and their managers get copies of Electronic Design magazine every other week. Would you like to see your product, service, or CEO featured? Find out how in our behind-the-scenes interview with Editor-in-Chief Mark David:
Mark David, Editor-in-Chief Electronic Design 45 Eisenhower Drive Paramus, NJ 07652 201-845-2467

-> Reach

145,000 circulation

-> David's background

Mark David began his career in technology trade journalism, with the most time in a single job spent as editor and publisher of a magazine now called Frontline Solutions.

Before coming to Electronic Design two years ago, he spent five years in Seattle "doing various emedia and Internet start-up ventures," he says.

"I've been lucky to have been working in and covering leading edge technology. It's been fun to play a role in seeing some of these come to fruition. I love covering new technology and our whole editorial mission is to tell designers about emerging technologies."

-> Current editorial coverage

The bi-weekly magazine covers electronic engineering, geared toward designers and design managers. "We're horizontal within that vertical," David says, "covering topics from military electronics to consumer electronics."

While the magazine occasionally looks at trends and a 10-year horizon, mainly it focuses on leading edge products that are already in existence.

"We don't want to be so far ahead of the curve that the products can't be used," David explains. "We want to be the filter, and pick the ones we think will be the right pieces to [let our readers] be ahead of the curve."

Some of the best opportunities for tech companies to get coverage are in the following sections:

Engineering Features -- in-depth looks at technology, design, and professional issues

I Design -- reader profiles. "We want to talk to readers of the magazine who are designers," David says.

Point of View -- guest columns on "broader issues related to our audience, maybe a new approach to design or project management."

Design Ideas -- contributed design articles from people who have worked out solutions to specific design problems

Leapfrog -- in-depth looks at major technologies and new products

TechViews -- covered by a number of editors in various areas of technology, these also look at new products

New Products -- new product reviews

To explain the last three sections: New products might fit in Leapfrog "at the top level," says David. "Important products not meriting Leapfrog could go in TechViews, then other new products might go in the New Products review if they don't merit the other two."

Electronic Design also publishes two newsletters, both of which include fresh content.

-> Best way to pitch David and his staff

Email David for Point of View ideas, I Design profiles, or stories for in-depth features.

Design Ideas should go to Executive Editor John Novellino at

Product specific announcements should go to the tech editor covering that beat (list of contacts can be found at

But don't worry if you're not sure where your story fits. Email David or one of his editors and they'll find a place for it as long as it fits the editorial focus.

Five other tips:

1. If you consider your announcement a significant technological advancement, "bring me in as well as the tech editor," David suggests. He may decide to make it a feature rather than a TechView or New Product announcement.

2. Offer exclusives, even if only for a few days. "We will devote more space when we have an exclusive," he says.

3. Be specific in the subject line. You might say "product announcement" then add a few words about the benefit of the product.

4. Submit white papers, which they may post online. This is a good opportunity for getting coverage, as they'll link to your site and it's an area they're looking to expand.

5. Phone follow-ups are fine, particularly if you've already begun a dialog with an editor.

-> Pet peeves

None. "We're pretty open," David says. "We like to have people stop in and visit our office if they're doing a media tour. We're right outside New York City, in Paramus, New Jersey."

-> Pre-written contributions

For the Point of View and I Design features, email David and suggest your story idea. Begin a dialogue and send an outline before submitting a written piece.

-> On becoming a regular columnist

"We're not actively looking for one but I'd welcome a conversation," David says.

-> Where you can meet David and his staff

"Our editors try to go to the leading trade shows that are relevant for their areas, so that's a good way to get in-person time," he says. Send an email before a show and you'll likely get an appointment.

-> What he looks for in online press rooms

Downloadable artwork that "we can get ourselves without having to trouble somebody to send it over to us."

-> Favorite professional publication

MIT's Technology Review, Wired, and Business 2.0.

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