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Jul 19, 2002

How to Be Interviewed by iMediaConnection

SUMMARY: If you are an Internet marketing old-timer, you probably remember the Digitrends newsletter, magazine and events. After they went bust last year, some smart people from the team launched iMediaConnection. They do not have a huge readership (yet), but it is safe to say their readership is pretty impressive in terms of famous brand name consumer marketers and their agencies. Learn how you can be covered in this influential newsletter.
Profile #25 in Our Continuing Series on Marketing Journalists

Dawn Anfuso
24701 La Plaza #204
Dana Point, CA 92629
PH: 310-544-1554

-> Circulation as of 5/02: declined to reveal circulation; however, Josh Messinger, Director of Interactive Media, says the opt-in list is of, “executives from the top brands and agencies in the industry. If you really want to know who our subscribers are, check out our attendee lists from our events."

iMediaConnection also published a twice-weekly newsletter (Monday and Thursday) as well as an occasional special Wednesday edition that addresses topics from the site’s discussion board.

-> Anfuso’s background:

Anfuso says she was interested in writing back in high school and was convinced to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising because a school representative “said they offered classes and a degree in fashion journalism.” However, she was disappointed to find fashion journalism “was only one class.”

Anfuso stayed with the Institute anyway, earning a Fashion Merchandising degree. A few years later, she earned her BA in Journalism at Cal State Long Beach.

During Cal State, Anfuso interned at human resources trade pub, 'Personnel Journal.' After graduation, she was hired as a fulltime writer, working her way up the masthead to Managing Editor.

After 10 years at Personnel Journal, Anfuso decided to look for something different. Something with a bit more glamour.

She found it as the Managing Editor of interactive advertising trade magazine 'Digitrends.' Unfortunately it fell victim to the economy in July 2001.

Undaunted, Digitrends publisher Rick Parkhill launched a new venture, iMediaConnection, earlier this year and many of the old Digitrends team, including Anfuso joined him.

“It’s exciting being a part of this,” says Anfuso. “Our mission is to bring together buyers and sellers, and others in the interactive marketing industry to discuss issues that affect the industry and move it forward. It’s something I am passionate about.”

-> Current editorial coverage:

iMediaConnection targets brand advertisers of all kinds and their agency-side media buyers, both traditional and interactive.

A feature article may address what measurements an agency is using and why it is successful as well as its new creative and buying models. The interviews with top executives and marketers at major brands focus on how much they are spending online, their success stories and lessons learned.

“Online advertising is still a very new industry and it is really exciting to be a part of,” Anfuso says. “People in this industry are very dynamic. We have not been around that long, but we have a really large stack of interviews, over 50 right now with top brand marketers as well as an equal number of agency interviews.”

-> What Anfuso looks for in a story pitch:

Anfuso is not entirely against calls or emails from sources she does not know, but she responds best when she has a relationship or if you take the time to get to know her and her publication.

Email definitely is best way to reach her; she says if she is interested, she will initiate contact. “I’m really not a big fan of getting an email and having you call me back,” she says. “You can call and then send me an email but, again, it really gets down to the relationship.”

If you call her with a story, “don’t ramble on about all the details,” she says. “Get to the point.”

She likes to see solid examples of success in online advertising; and also likes to set up a Q&A “with a significant figure in the industry.” Sources are as important as stories to Anfuso, so try to come to her with “someone who can comment on hot issues like reach and frequency. If there is an expert on the topic, we want to talk to them.”

-> Deadlines:

You can contact Anfuso any weekday; however, be aware that she puts out newsletters “very early” on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

-> Submitting pre-written contributions:

Do not send in opinion pieces or third-party articles; Anfuso and her staff write everything in-house.

-> Becoming a regular columnist:

Anfuso just does not feel columnists are a good fit with the publication right now.

-> Where you can meet Anfuso:

She usually makes it to all of the Company’s events (iMediaConnection puts on high priced summits for brand managers and media buyers) as well as at @d:tech and “other large conferences of that nature.” She also will meet you for lunch if you are in the LA area.

-> What does Anfuso prefer to see in a press kit:

She does not really pay attention to them.

--> What Anfuso looks for in an online pressroom:

Give a really good description of what you do and “don’t use jargon.” List your current clients. Relevant contact information is important as is relevant press on your company. You also should include easy-to-access press releases.

-> Anfuso’s favorite business publications:

New York Times, Adweek and AdAge, all online.
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