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Apr 15, 2010
How To

Boost Email Efforts with Your Blog: 3 Quick Tips

SUMMARY: Is your company blog also working to support your email marketing efforts?

The popularity of blogs with search engines, social networks and readers can transfer benefits to your email marketing efforts Ė if you integrate the channels. Take a look at these three simple ways to start using your blog to increase opt-ins and generate email content.
As with other social media tactics, email marketers canít afford to ignore whatís happening on their company blogs. Both the content created for blogs, and the visitors who come to read those articles, should be considered assets for email marketing programs.

Integrating the two channels doesnít have to be a complex undertaking. You can start with simple steps that ensure youíre putting email offers in front of blog visitors, and repurposing blog content for email outreach.

Here are three quick tips for using a company blog to boost opt-ins and generate email content:

Tip #1. Promote email subscriptions and content offers on blog pages

A well-written, frequently updated blog can drive significant amounts of traffic to your website. With the impact of search indexing and social sharing, itís likely that many potential readers are first landing on your blog pages -- not your home page or product pages.

Make sure you have a way to capture email addresses from blog visitors who might not take time to explore other parts of your site:

- Place email newsletter or promotional alert opt-in offers on every page of your blog. This way, visitors who land on a specific blog post -- and like what they read -- will easily see other ways to receive content and information from your company.

- B2B marketers should also create space on their blog templates for content or event offers that require registration. Providing links to a related whitepaper, upcoming webinar, demonstration, or other piece of content that requires registration is another way to turn a blog-generated visit into an opportunity for capturing an email address.

Tip #2. Offer an email subscription to your blog posts

Although itís standard practice to use RSS syndication to provide automatic updates of blog content, RSS readers remain a niche technology (various studies have placed RSS adoption between 10%-20% of Web users). But many feed management systems, such as Feedblitz and Googleís Feedburner, allow subscribers to receive updates by email.

Promoting an email update service can help you attract a lot more subscribers for your blog content. Youíll also capture a vital piece of information that you donít get from RSS subscribers -- an email address.

Also consider taking a cue from listserv mailing lists and create a blog "digest" newsletter. This could be a weekly, biweekly or monthly publication that consolidates blog headlines from that time period.

The option may appeal to visitors who want to follow your blog but donít want a lot of new messages in their inbox. You also can use space within that email to promote relevant offers to subscribers.

Tip #3. Repurpose blog content for email newsletters

Get the most from the content your team produces by repurposing and re-using blog posts for your email newsletters.

Consider dedicating a specific section of your newsletter as a "blog corner" -- highlighting the newest article, or the most popular article (based on volume of clicks or comments) or a post by an industry thought leader.

Also, look for ways your blog content offers a counterpoint to typical newsletter articles. For example, if your blog tends to be more informal or entertaining than your newsletter articles, that content may be a welcome addition:

- Rob Stokes, CEO, Quirk eMarketing, began featuring humorous videos in his business blog over the weekends to offer his readers some lighthearted entertainment. Then, he decided to highlight some of the featured weekend videos in his teamís email newsletters.

- The average clickthrough rate for the video content was 136.8% higher than the average CTR for regular articles.

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