MarketingSherpa Landing Page Handbook: How to raise conversions — data and design guidelines

“I still think the Landing Page Handbook is the best resource on the topic that has ever been produced.” – Ken Molay, President, Webinar Success

MarketingSherpa reader Ken Molay wrote us recently and asked how he can point people to the MarketingSherpa Landing Page Handbook.

And the data shows it. The MarketingSherpa Landing Page Handbook is one of the most popular resources we have offered in 20 years of publishing. So we dug into our archives and are now offering this handbook free to you, the MarketingSherpa reader. 

After looking through it again, we realized this 273-page handbook has plenty of fundamental information that would be very helpful for today’s marketers.

The handbook was originally published in 2004 and a second edition was published in 2007. The handbook originally sold for $497 but we are making it available free for MarketingSherpa email newsletter subscribers.

Here is some of our favorite information from the handbook:

  • Tips for creating hero shots – on page 84
  • Using photos of people – on page 86
  • Buttons: Can you see your button from across the room? – on page 104 (even more important now with the rise of mobile)
  • Analysis of gobbledygook in press releases – on page 128
  • How to test a landing page contest to test new “outside the box” ideas – page 249

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