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Viral Hall of Fame 2009
Viral Hall of Fame 2009
Disney's "What Will You Celebrate" Video

MarketingSherpa Summary:
Disney's team created a customizable video to draw more consumer interest in Disney Parks. The mock-newscast incorporated Flash technology to add viewers' names to featured places inside the Magic Kingdom. After the video, viewers were able to enter the name and email addresses of three friends they'd like the video customized for and sent to. The campaign paid for itself in a matter of hours.

Agency: Vanksen Group USA
Client/company: Disney Destinations LLC
Brand campaign was conducted for: Disney Parks
Launch date of campaign: December 9, 2008
Target audience/demographic: Children and Parents (mid to high income nationwide)

Campaign Goal:
Create a Web-based viral marketing campaign to engage consumers on a new and more personal level, raise awareness about celebrations at Disney Parks as part of Disney's "What Will You Celebrate" campaign, and motivate consumers to consider a Disney Parks vacation.

Viral video with voice and text personalization complete with its own built-in viral engine. The personalized viral video used a three-step viral tactic, prompting people to watch, personalize and spread a video containing text and voice personalization. By running an extra layer of flash over the video, viewers were given the option to place their names, or those of a friend or family member, and share a celebratory experience with them.

Multiple metrics were implemented prior to the launch of the campaign permitting tracking of all aspects of the invitation e-mails, mini-site performance, video viewership and spread.

Seed Strategy:
The initial seeding took place within the Disney family by sending it to 35,000 Disney Parks cast members. From there, Disney cast members sent the video to friends and family, and viewers were engaged and enticed to further spread the celebratory experience to their friends, families, etc., initially reaching one million unique views in one week.

Buzz Generated:
More than 10,000 blogs embedded the video, generating more than 4.5 million additional views. 2.5 million of the 4.5 million views from embeds came from social networks such as MySpace.

Specific (Goal-Related) Campaign Results:
The campaign paid for itself 18 hours and 36 minutes after its launch via direct sales in online bookings.

  • E-mail CTR averaged 80%
  • More than 8 million video views to date
  • More than 200,000 opt-in emails collected

Biggest Lesson:
When you provide people with a fun and engaging application, they will use it and spread the experience to others. By giving people a fun and user-friendly tool to engage with your brand, there is no telling how far they will go in spreading the message.

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