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Viral Hall of Fame 2008

Viral Hall of Fame 2008

MarketingSherpa Summary:
Social networks are fertile ground for viral seeds. Facebook users, for instance, love applications and are quick to share them with friends. StyleFeeder had this in mind when it created a product suggestion app for Facebook to expand its user base. Less than a year after launch, the app passed the milestone of 1 million installations.

Agency: InkHouse
Client/company: StyleFeeder
Brand campaign was conducted for: StyleFeeder's Facebook Application
Launch date of campaign: July 2007
Target audience/demographic: Facebook users

Campaign Goal:
Expand user base by targeting Facebook users who typically have a higher familiarity with social networking and personalization online. Facebook's popularity and potential for viral marketing served as an appealing method to acquire new StyleFeeder users. In addition, Facebook's main users - mostly teens and college-age users and young professionals - parallels StyleFeeder's core user demographic.

StyleFeeder's key functionality, such as product discovery, bookmarking capabilities and social connections, allowed the Facebook application to gain popularity through simple but proven viral tactics. StyleFeeder also created online communities leveraging solid interpersonal relationships with StyleFeeder's users on Facebook to create a central meeting place online. StyleFeeder employees became active members within the Facebook groups. This built more meaningful connections with new users and pushed along the application's reputation.

Seed Strategy:
The Facebook application was designed to secure individual registered users and to tap into their personal networks of friends. By easily allowing users to invite friends and showcase their new online finds and favorite items, StyleFeeder's Facebook application was installed on users' profiles and prominently showcased. StyleFeeder also worked with applications, such as FreeGifts and RockYou to promote their application and create a group of users with a StyleFeed on their profiles.

Buzz Generated:
Xconomy: StyleFeeder - Facebook's Leading Shopping Engine - Thinks Big with Small Series A Round

Mashable: StyleFeeder Gets Another $2M in Series A

Specific (Goal-Related) Campaign Results:
The installation numbers on the Facebook application have been growing since its inception. It recently reached the 1 million milestone. StyleFeeder has become the largest shopping app on Facebook, with 50 times more installations than the next largest competitor. This success has also helped StyleFeeder get more financial backing.

Biggest Lesson:
The biggest surprise was how quickly the application caught on virally and how it became even more popular than applications from major brands.