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Viral Hall of Fame 2008

Viral Hall of Fame 2008
Printing's Alive

MarketingSherpa Summary:
Pazazz's edgy video shows that viral success is possible without breaking the bank. Pazazz wanted to convey its love for printing by making people laugh, and this 3-1/2-minute video does just that on a shoestring budget. Seeding consisted of an email to Pazazz's house list, a YouTube video, links on Facebook and LinkedIn and press releases to industry publications. The video has received 133,000 views and more than 20 requests for a high-resolution copy to show at conferences and corporate events, plus a speaking gig for the CEO at major conference.

Agency: None
Client/company: Pazazz
Brand campaign was conducted for: Printing's Alive
Launch date of campaign: Jan. 7, 2008
Target audience/demographic: Everyone who buys print

Campaign Goal:
Create a video made for fun and to promote print in an unconventional way. Printing's Alive features Print Fanatic and his team; they love printing and want to make it fun to attract young and creative people.

The 3-1/2 minute video was written and filmed at Pazazz's headquarters in Montreal. "We wanted to make people laugh," says Warren Werbitt, President and CEO, Pazazz. "We're passionate about printing, and we wanted everyone to know."

The message behind the video is simple: We work in an old industry with old ways and some old leadership that has yet to "get it." We wrote a script that played up the positive aspects of the print industry. Then, we filmed a video outside of Pazazz's Montreal office using real employees. Even though it was done in the early fall, it was not released until January 2008, when it was designed as a "pick me up" in the new year.

Seed Strategy:
Members of Pazazz's database were emailed a link to the video. That same URL was also placed on Facebook and LinkedIn. Press releases that included the link explained the video to all industry publications. People kept forwarding the link and, in no time, it was viral.

Buzz Generated:
Print CEO Blog: Warren Werbitt is a print fanatic!

Specific (Goal-Related) Campaign Results:
The video was posted on YouTube on Jan 7, 2008. Since then, more than 200 comments have been posted to it. Pazazz has also received more than 800 emails in response to the video. In addition, more than 20 high-resolution copies have been sent out to companies and organizations in the print industry that used the video to open up conferences and corporate events. More than 50% of the recipients clicked on the link to the YouTube video. Views topped 100,000 within two months. To date, more than 133,000 people have viewed it. The lead in the video, the Founder and CEO of Pazazz, was asked to be a keynote speaker at a print conference.

Biggest Lesson:
We learned (based on real comments) that people applauded us for stating the truth. We will do a second video and, again, choose a real theme that people in our industry can relate to. The comments were incredible. People want to laugh, and we gave them a reason to laugh in this video.