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#11.'s Extreme Blog Linking Campaign

MarketingSherpa Summary:
Free offers can go wildly viral if you truly understand what makes your target demographic tick. More than 100,000 bloggers responded to this campaign, linking back to the site in question. The resulting traffic bump was ok -- but the true goal behind this viral campaign was search engine optimization. Google spiders are far more likely to rank sites in the top listings when there are loads of other sites linking to them.

Agency - Oberon Medialab
Client/company -
Brand campaign was conducted for -
Launch date of campaign - Feb 2004
Target audience/demographic - Bloggers worldwide

Campaign Goal:
We wanted to make the brand stronger and get a better PageRank. We wanted to do this by targeting bloggers. It worked really well, with 100,000 links to our site, great for our PageRank and with traffic quadrupled.

We launched a compaign were bloggers could get a map of the countries they have visited to put on their blog. It included two links, one to campaign site, one to the travel site.

Seed Strategy:
We started with a few bloggers we knew, about 5 actually. It took off from there. 5 was enough.

Buzz Generated:
Yes. We were with the top blogged about news items according to blogdex ea. and also mentioned in traditional media.

Specific (Goal-Related) Campaign Results:
During top days 100,000 extra visitors a day. 100,000 extra links (estimate) traffic quadrupled. Campaign boomed in feb and march 2004 but it still brings us very good results.

Biggest Learning:
Biggest learning: be clear about your goals. The deal between audience (in our case bloggers) and the product shoul be evenhanded. We get something, they get something.

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