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Best Single Welcome Letter (to New Subscribers):
Gold Consumer
The Greenbrier Welcome

Paramore|Redd Online Marketing
Joel Steidl, Valerie Mangrum

MarketingSherpa Summary - Why They Won:
Wow, this welcome letter functions as a complete guidebook to resources for opt-ins, including hotlinks to video tours, an events calendar, driving directions, ecommerce hotlinks, maps, etc. No wonder it gets a 49.35% clickthrough rate! (When was the last time one of your campaigns did that well?) If your welcome letter only has one or two offers, consider bulking it up to give a full range of useful links.

From Their Nomination Form:
Audience: New subscribers to The Greenbrier email list. Goal: To immediately engage new subscribers (opt-ins), introduce them to brand, products, the website and all it offers and to set expectations as far as what they can expect with future email and correspondence. A branded message consistent with the look and feel of the website and email campaign welcomes opt-ins and immediately offers a variety of links they can follow. These links include booking info and rates, a video tour of the property, map and floor plan, calendar of events, opportunity to request RSS and driving directions and contact info. From this email, visitors immediately see images of the beautiful grounds, get a sense of all the activities the resort offers and are prompted to become engaged in the user experience. Subject line: Welcome to Your G-News: 668 sent to date, started: 09/18/2006. Open rate: 67.5%. Click Thru Rate: 49.35%. Most popular link in email: "Book Now/Rates" at 30.7%