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Nielsen/NetRatings RSS Study 8/05 Charts:

Note: This sample is from the MarketingSherpa article:
How To: 50 Million US & UK RSS Users Do Not Know They Use RSS -- How to Reach Them

  1. Do RSS users know they use RSS?
    - who knows?
    - behavioral & attitudinal segmentation
    - what influences awareness
    - awareness leads to efficiency
    - the arc of awareness & usership lifetime
  2. RSS Users news content usage
    - minutes per month spent on news
    - number of news sites visited per month
    - news sites outside of the top 20 visited
    - RSS influencing news surfing patterns
  3. RSS users time spent per site
  4. Why do users like RSS?
    - convenience vs timeliness
    - awareness of using RSS
    - awareness-satisfaction across content categories
  5. How RSS users are different than other Web users
  6. RSS users' perception of advertising in feeds
  7. Yahoo/Ipsos
  8. Travelocity's RSS preferences center
  9. Burpee's RSS info page