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B&B Electronics Multi-touch Campaign

Note: This sample is from the MarketingSherpa article:

  1. Campaign flow-chart (note: a bit fuzzy)
  2. Direct mail samples
    - catalog sections
    - mini-catalog cover
    - postcard front
  3. Search marketing
    - landing page for Google ad "Ethernet"
    - company name page on Thomasnet
  4. Site offer page for catalog versions
    - home page with Free Catalog button
    - catalog landing page with variety of options
  5. Email follow-up campaigns
    Your B&B Electronics Catalog Is On The Way
    7 Handy Ethernet Resources
    B&B Electronics: More than Communications solutions
    Test Drive B&B Electronics Virtual Catalog
    Subscribe to Econnections
    B&B Electronics - Hope You've Received Your Catalog
    Application Info from B&B Electronics
    How Do I Add Ports To My PC?
    7 Secrets of Serial Data Conversion
    B&B Electronics: Wireless Resource Guide