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Viral Hall of Fame 2007
#8. Beacon Street Girls

MarketingSherpa Summary:
B*tween Productions wins the try-and-try-again award for this Beacon Street Girls branding effort. To coincide with book releases and school holidays, they launched several games for girls, each tied to a different Beacon Street character. While the first two were mind-challenging (sigh, who wants to think during a school break!), the third game -- Katani's Fashion Frenzy -- created a forwarding frenzy. Noticing the activity, B*tween Productions switched gears and rolled out two more fashion-related games, and more are on the way.

Agency: Pod Design
Client/company: B*tween Productions
Brand campaign was conducted for: Beacon Street Girls
Launch date of campaign: Aug. 14, 2006
Target audience/demographic: 'Tween girls ages 9-13

Campaign Goal:
B*tween Productions challenged Pod Design to create a website that would be an entertaining destination for 'tween girls and a trusted resource for parents. The site needed to build awareness of and familiarity with the BSG characters and, ultimately, the BSG brand. The series of interactive games was designed to bring the BSG characters and world to life and provide an interactive, dynamic and fun environment where girls would want to get involved and share with their friends.

The Pod team created several new games, one appropriate for each of the primary characters' personality and designed to be viral to keep girls coming back. A diverse set of games was developed to connect with the variety of personalities represented by each character from the books. Results are measured by brand exposure (page views), involvement (game play and membership to Club BSG) and pass-along value (send to a friend).

The Games:
Charlotte’s Friendship Bracelet:
Charlotte hosts a friendship bracelet beading game where girls can build a bracelet for a friend using a set of lettered beads. After the message is complete, it is scrambled and sent to the friend. The friend receives the empty bracelet string and a pile of lettered beads. The challenge is to see if they can restring the bracelet to read the secret message. They can then make their own bracelet message and send it back or send it on to another friend.

Sudoku: Avery Style
Avery's sudoku game was designed to appeal to the thinking side of Beacon Street Girls fans. The game has multiple online options allowing players to customize the look of the tiles and level of play. There is something for everyone with the new Beacon Street Girls Sudoku. The game also has an option to send your score to a friend.

Katani's Fashion Frenzy
Katani's fashion game allows her to invite fans to her fashion show. Girls create outfits by mixing and matching, selecting from more than 60 fabric patterns and colors *styling* the look with actual accessories from the BSG Shop. Katani models the new look, and girls can send their outfits to a friend. The fashion design game was so popular and encouraged so much activity on the site that it inspired spin-off fashion games for the other main characters, Charlotte, Isabel, Avery (yet to be released) and Maeve (yet to be released).

Charlotte in Paris and Isabel's Spring Break Fashions Designed as extensions of the popular Fashion Frenzy game, Charlotte's and Isabel's games include outfit, pattern and accessory options that each individual character would wear. In the first book of a new adventure series, Charlotte jet-sets to Paris, and her new dress-up game includes all of the couture fashions and cute travel clothes she'll need for the trip! Isabel helps girls gear up for warm weather and beach fun with her spring break fashions; her game also features many new accessories available at the BSG shop.

Seed Strategy:
Launch dates for each game were strategically scheduled to coincide with book releases and school holidays, times when 'tweens would have more time to spend online. Each game was launched with its own specialized seeding strategy. The bead game was sent to kids clubs. Sudoku was seeded to every online puzzle directory, and kids entertainment and education sites and dress-up game directories were given advance notice of each fashion game launch. The seeding list also included a number of general gaming sites, mommy blogs and youth marketing blogs and newsletters. Members of Club BSG were given prerelease VIP access to games, and press releases with links to the games were issued.

Buzz Generated:
The new Beacon Street Girls website was launched on Aug. 14, 2006; the viral games were launched individually as a series from Aug. 25, 2006, through March 1, 2007, with two more games scheduled for late spring 2007.

Each launch caused surges in site traffic with an overall steady growth in daily traffic. Since August, the site has been viewed by more than 2.2 million people and has been featured on more than 2,000 websites, directories and forums. Top referring sites include:,,,,,,, and

Other strong referrers include search engines and email services, showing that our games and website earned attention online and offline. Also, more than 180,000 emails were sent through the email options in our games; the pass-along value of the interactive and entertainment elements of the website encouraged further buzz.
Traditional media also showed interest in the website, book releases and games, and Beacon Street Girls earned coverage in a number of outlets, including:
* TD Monthly:
* The Canton Repository:
* Paramus Post:
* North Shore News:
* 002 Magazine: (page 32)
* Forrester Blog: The Groundswell:

Specific (Goal-Related) Campaign Results:
Since launching the campaign, average monthly traffic has increased by more than 700%. In total, 2.3 million people have been exposed to the brand through the website. More than 90% of them have played at least one of the games spending anywhere from three to seven minutes each time. At least 70% of all entrance pages to Beacon Street Girls are one of the games, and membership to club BSG has increased 71% over the past eight months.

Biggest Learning:
If given the opportunity to do it again, we would act faster to capitalize on intense interest in a specific game. It was a few months between the first fashion game and the second, and traffic began to fall during that time period. Following a tighter release schedule may have resulted in even larger viral numbers.