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Viral Hall of Fame 2007

Viral Hall of Fame 2007
#5. Levi Strauss Hong Kong

MarketingSherpa Summary:
Levi Strauss Hong Kong kicked off a create-your-own-video campaign to promote their TYPE 1 jeans, offering a prize for those who would answer, "How bold are you?" They seeded unbranded viral videos at YouTube before the launch and followed up with banners, a microsite, print ads and wireless ring tones. Within 60 days, the videos were viewed more than 474,000 times on YouTube alone, and marketshare for the jeans in Hong Kong jumped from 13% to 33%.

Agency: Tequila
Client/company: Levi Strauss Hong Kong
Brand campaign was conducted for: Levi's Type 1 Campaign
Launch date of campaign: September 2006
Target audience/demographic: 15- to 20-year-olds

Campaign Goal:
Drive sales for the new Levi's TYPE 1 jeans collection; increase awareness of Levi's for the 14-24 age group; communicate the product's bold proposition (bold cuts, stitching and riveted buttons); and connect with consumers.

Consumers told Levi's that boldness was defined as the ability to express yourself and to choose what you want to do. It was about rebelling against convention, but in ways that were safe and seen to be cool and fashionable.

Instead of dictating the meaning of bold, the strategy was to invite consumers to define their own boldness. This was brought to life through the campaign "How bold are you?" Everything is a choice. Levi's TYPE 1 invites people to express their own boldness, in whatever choices they make, however they choose to make them. This was delivered through a drive-to-Web campaign and promotion to invite consumers to submit their own bold videos to win $5,000 in Levi's coupons.

Seed Strategy:
The youthful target audiences in Hong Kong are extremely high Internet and mobile users and read fashion and lifestyle media. They build online communities and use the Web to interact with each other and for entertainment.

The drive-to-Web campaign extended across media with PR and word-of-mouth- generating unbranded viral videos posted on YouTube before launch. This was followed by a campaign inviting consumers to submit their bold videos to define their own boldness with the chance to win $5,000 in Levi's coupons. This campaign included banner ads, a promotional mini-site, eDM, print ads and wireless content, including ring tones and wallpaper downloads via One2Free, a mobile service provider.

Specific (Goal-Related) Campaign Results:
Two months after launch, the bold videos were viewed more than 474,000 times on YouTube and the promotional mini-site. The campaign generated a 15% increase in Levi's jeans sales compared to the same period in 2005. The TYPE 1 Jeans' market share more than doubled, from 13% to 33%. Top-of-mind brand awareness improved by 24% among the target age group segment.

Biggest Learning:
The PR value and media responses generated from this campaign really surprises us compared to a normal TV campaign. It really hit our target audiences and created connection with them. More importantly, we have successfully upheld the brand leadership position and celebrated the brand equity of originality.