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#1. BBC Learning's Boring Boring Boring

MarketingSherpa Summary:
This fabulous business-to-business campaign proves viral ads aren't just for entertainment property (games, movies, music) marketing. HR professionals around the world played this online game more than five million times, and 50,000 opted in to receive email about professional training DVDs.

Agency - Panlogic Ltd
Client/company - BBC Worldwide
Brand campaign was conducted for - BBC Learning
Launch date of campaign - 2003
Target audience/demographic - HR professionals (B2B)

Campaign Goal:
To build an email list of Human Resource HR professionals around the world who would be interested in the BBC DVD/CD training titles.

Creative: Strategy was to build a viral game that would educate through engagement and amusement. Users were then able to recommend a friend, look at the titles and add their name to the database. No prize was offerered. Online measures looking at unique users, returning players and specific measures looked at which titles were gaining the most interest.

Seed Strategy: BBC rented an opt-in email list of around 5,000 business users. Email from Panlogic to its base through regular Panlogic's newsletter.

Buzz Generated: Yes, enormous amount of online coverage.

Specific (Goal-Related) Campaign Results:
Number of games played to date- c. 5million and over 50,000 registered database of HR professionals From initial 5,000 email addresses numbers grew and grew to reaching a million in under 3 months. Client delighted which was re-enforced when he joined us to collect the prize at the awards dinner.

Biggest Learning:
Most surprised by the size of the database of HR professionals. These are incredibly hard people to intrigue and interest. Would be wrong to do anything differently next time!

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