Creative Samples Library

Affiliate Summit '05 Ticket Sales Campaign:

Note: This sample is from the MarketingSherpa article:
Case Study: How to Double Tradeshow Ticket Sales With Clever Online Marketing: 6-Month Plan

  1. General online ad banners and Blog Ads
  2. January campaigns
    - House newsletter speaker proposal requests Affiliate Tip newsletter
    - Affiliate Manager News
  3. February campaigns
    - Affiliate Tip newsletter announces sweepstakes
    - Editorial blog promotion for sweepstakes
  4. March campaigns
    - Editorial newsletter promo for picture campaign
    - Blog with the same promo
    - Merchandise selection page
    - Two examples of pictures submitted for 20% discount
  5. April campaigns
    - April Fool's Press release
    - The April Fool's landing page
    - Where clicks land after April 1, 2005
    - AffStat Report PDF Download
  6. May campaigns
    - Sell-out promotion Affiliate Tip
    - Affiliate Manager
  7. June campaigns
    - eBay promotion Affiliate Tip
    - Affiliate Manager
    - blog postings about eBay: Affiliate Tip blog
    - Summit blog