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Sponsored Webinars:

Note: This sample is from the MarketingSherpa article:
Know-How: How to Sell Sponsored Webinars -- Pricing & What Sponsors Want

  1. Useful stats on Webinar attendance: 4 charts
    - Frequency of Webinar Attendance
    - Tech Pros' Reasons for Attending a Webinar
    - When in the Purchase Process are Webinars Used by IT Influencers
    - Likelihood of Webinar Use During a Purchase Decision
  2. Network World campaign for Sybase
    - Print insert
    - Microsite landing page
    - Webinar page
  3. TechWeb Media kit for webinars
  4. CMP TechWeb Registration page sample
  5. Cygnus Business Media AMT Training Seminars
    - Ad box on home page
    - How it works page
    - Course list
    - FAA Approval letter