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IDES's Prospector Free Site Campaign:

Note: This sample is from the MarketingSherpa article:
Case Study: How a Niche B-to-B Database Publisher Sells Online Subscriptions With a Free Web Site

  1. IDES's current home page prominently promoting the free site section
  2. Home page of free site section for direct links
  3. Registration form tests
    - First try
    - Revamp #1
    - Revamp #2
  4. Email
    - New registrant welcome
    - Monthly newsletter
  5. Paid subscription marketing
    - Step 1: Search Results on free site showing the Alternative Resins Icon (the green '=')
    - Step 2: Alternatives landing page linking to demo
    - Step 3: First page of flash demo
    - Step 4: Zoom-in of key slide in flash demo showing product in more detail
    - Step 5: Last page of flash demo (call to action)