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Best Postcard-Style Campaign:
Gold Consumer
Renault SIAB

Brand/Client Side Team:
Roxana Bogdan, Elena Buhus, Nicoleta Magargiu, Andrei Georgescu

White Image

From Their Nomination Form:
Each layer and little piece of the campaign wears the same message as the entire layout. We based our strategic concept on creating a very consistent message that would appeal to our male audience: the image, the text, the photos, the movies, the creative design, they all offer the promise of a great journey. This is challenging since the main target of the campaign was the male audience. Not only is the user presented with a very modern design, but also he gains a deep perspective into the car show that awaits him through very dynamic videos and large galleries of photos. Each element of the message - the new Laguna, Koleos Concept and Formula 1 racecar have links for video and photo gallery. Furthermore, the user can share his enthusiasm with all his friends. This can be achieved through the Recommendation option attached to all of the three highlights. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data and were thoroughly impressed!