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Best Non-Email Opt-in Messaging:
Silver (tie) Consumer
Vail SnowMate

Brand/Client Side Team:
Liz Morrison, Brian Assmus, David Finnerty, Sarah-Anne Keenan, Stephanie Feldhaus, Elizabeth Lee


From Their Nomination Form:
The Vail Resorts SnowMate suite of Web 2.0 relationship management widget applications employs a variety of content channels to keep users emotionally connected with the resorts, and offer channels to trigger purchasing behaviors. The Facebook Snow Fight application has recently launched as part of the SnowMate suite. This viral application lets Facebook users have snowball fights with each other. The Vail SnowMate has delivered consistent positive ROI year after year. The approximate direct ROI for the last three years (season 2005-2006 to the present) is 18:1. This number represents SnowMate users clicking through to a Vail Resorts website and booking a visit. It is also likely that many other visitors booked their visits through the telephone or other channels after interacting with the SnowMate widget applications. 50% comes from simple logo clicks - either or the resorts; 21% from the snow reports; 16% from mountain cams; 13% from articles and offers. This demonstrates the value of general messaging as a sales generator. While specific offer articles do generate sales, a large percentage of sales-generating clickthroughs are coming from simple logo clicks, snow reports and webcams. 18% of article and offer messages represent some 75 percent of the article and offers revenue. Usage of the SnowMate also remains very high, with an average of 38 interactions per week with users who have kept the application for more than one day. 58 percent of users have kept the application for more than 30 days, and 52 percent of users have viewed the application for more than 30 minutes.