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Best Non-Email Opt-in Messaging:
Silver (tie) Consumer
Motorcycle Insurance - In The Saddle

Brand/Client Side Team:
Nathalie Melancon, Robin Monniere, Jennifer Charabin, Francis Carle

Ariad Marketing Communications, TD Meloche Monnex

From Their Nomination Form:
Primmum-sponsored focus groups confirmed that insurance is a hot topic among motorcyclists, in part because Canadian motorcycle owners enjoy a relatively short riding season yet pay their insurance premiums for all 12 months of the year. With the In the Saddle program, Primmum provides this community with useful, relevant and interesting information - from road trips and motorcycle clubs to bike accessories and safe driving, and yes, even to insurance. The premier issue of In the Saddle was received by 47,626 individuals or recipients. The program's objective for the full year of 2007 was to generate 850 online requests for insurance quotes. But the first issue of the e-newsletter alone exceeded those expectations - achieving 232% of that goal. The e-newsletter program also enjoyed great email reporting results with the inaugural issue with a 42% unique open rate and a 28% clickthrough response. And In the Saddle drew more than 12,500 unique article clicks on the three articles of the inaugural first issue. The second issue deployed on July 10, 2007. And after the first 48 hours the results included more than 50% of the expected requests for online insurance quotes and nearly 8,000 unique article clicks. With an overall conversion rate of 2.64%, In the Saddle ranks according to the 2006 "Internet Retailer" in the higher range of conversion rates for email campaigns within this industry. In November 2007, In the Saddle deployed a short e-bulletin asking readers to remain engaged in their hobby in the cold months of winter, by describing a favorite ride from their summer season. The campaign drew over 100 very detailed letters from the readership community.