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Best Non-Email Opt-in Messaging:
Silver B-to-B
Royal Caribbean Cruises - VIP CruisePass

Brand/Client Side Team:
Jonathan Sriberg, Juan Silva, Brian Assmus, David Finnerty, Sarah-Anne Keenan


From Their Nomination Form:
The VIP CruisePass branded desktop application was developed by OTOlabs as a non-email messaging channel for Royal Caribbean International. The agent logs in to their account through the application the first time they use it, subsequently they do not need to log in again to access website content through the application. The agent can choose between content for the Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises in the application, and will then see a variety of relevant information. Some content is available directly through the VIP CruisePass branded desktop application, other can be read after clicking through the VIP CruisePass back to the website. This has led to significantly greater usage of CruisingPower web content. Agents receive alerts one day before all other agents. The agent is offered significant control over how these alerts will be presented. Over 90 percent of the people who downloaded and opened the application have kept it for more than one day. 46 percent of the audience has used the application for more than 120 minutes in aggregate. Users who have kept the application more than a week are averaging 28 interactions per week with the VIP CruisePass. 54 percent of users are using the Royal Caribbean offers page, and 36 percent of users using the Celebrity offers page. News, Itinerary, Selling tools and Weather pages are also receiving high percentages of use. Clickthroughs are also well distributed through the application functionality. 86 percent of users report using the application a few times a month or more. 77 percent of users rated themselves as moderately to very satisfied. 66 percent of respondents referenced ease of use, and 58 percent liked having access to current information.