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Best Email Opt-in Campaign:
Gold B-to-B
The Sun Asian Pacific Re-Engagement Campaign

Brand/Client Side Team:
Gen Yeep, Kristine Dillon

Acxiom Digital

From Their Nomination Form:
In order to reengage Sun customers in the Asia Pacific region, Sun wanted to gather up-to-date profile information and send them more personalized, relevant content. We designed an interactive experience to encourage customers to update their profiles, including a landing page that was entirely unique to each customer and his/her interests, driving home the personalization message that Sun wanted to communicate. The Sun Asian Pacific Re-Engagement Campaign had the following goals: Reactivating dormant subscribers in Asia South to reengage with emails from Sun; Identify disengaged subscribers in order to: Allow them to re-classify themselves based on their interests/needs, Communicate with them on a less frequent basis with more relevant content; Lay the groundwork for rolling this program out in longer terms so that it requires less manual effort to maintain. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data and were thoroughly impressed!