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Best Email Opt-in Campaign:
Gold B-to-B
IBM - Gain Greater ROI

Brand/Client Side Team:
Mary Hall, Kyle Miller

From Their Nomination Form:
The messaging of the e-mailer resonated with our audience. The mailer was sent to a small group of IBM clients who had requested to receive information on BPM. The following are some points that resonated with the audience and lead to the successful response rate" in this entry: The benefit, saving time & money was stated in the subject line and the opening of the mailer. The mailer was graphically appealing with bulleted, easy to read copy. Links to the website were embedded in several places. This gave clients several chances to find what they were looking for. The mailer was not positioned as selling anything other than the convenience of finding information on our new website. The information presented was of interest to the users & requested by the users. Sorry, the judges promised this winner that we would keep their results private. However, be assured that we have seen all the data and were thoroughly impressed!